Heroes of Skyrealm Efun v1.6.1 Mod Apk

Heroes of Skyrealm

Heroes of Skyrealm Efun v1.6.1 Mod Apk Welcome to the Skyrealm!
This is the first 3D TOBA mobile game! It combines real-time PVP, team fighting, tower defense, ARPG! 30+ heroes waiting for your call and you can fight with the players from different countries! Here are 10 fantasy worlds to explore! Gorgeous game picture by Unity3D engine, Hollywood master Daniel Sadowski designs for the game background music! You can enjoy the shock gaming experience!
Global players have already joined in the battle! Do you want to be the hero of battleground!? Come and join us now!

“Global player real-time PVP”
Match or invite top players from different countries to make real-time online PK! The arena is ready. Who is the king of the battlefield? Dare you challenge it!

*I’m the king of the battlefield*
Tower Defense, control your hero to protect the buildings and attack enemy positions!

*Multiple heroes at the same time*
Support 3 heroes to battle at the same time, control the different heroes to fight! More than 30 heroes, free to train and you can built up your own team! Each character has unique attributes and strong skills. The karma between heroes has improved the fun of collection.

*Weapons upgrade system*
The weapon is injected with powerful forces! Hero skills and weapon will change with performance!

*Gorgeous 3D graphics*
With outstanding 3D graphics technology, a real world is created. Each scene and each detail is attractive. You will immerse yourself in this significantly lively realm.

*Dungeon and Monster*
Tremendous monsters are ready to crush your homeland. Gather other online players as a team to fight back together! Fight for the faith, fight for the glory!

“The ark and resources”
Ark building system- The ark will level up by upgrading and robbing resources! Let’s strengthens your ark base now!

“Explore the 10 fantasy worlds”
Here are 10 original fantasy worlds waiting for you to explore! Every adventure has an unexpected surprise!

Come on! You will be the king of the battlefield in Heroes of Skyrealm!

More Information :

▼APK: https://tjqbzy-download.vsplay.com/apk/setj.apk
▼Official Website: https://skyheroes.efunen.com/
▼GM: https://www.facebook.com/GameTheLastGuardian/

Heroes of Skyrealm
Heroes of Skyrealm
Heroes of Skyrealm
Heroes of Skyrealm
Heroes of Skyrealm
Heroes of Skyrealm

1.) massive everything (SFX full)
2.) increased speed (SFX full)
3.) weak enemies (BGM full)

1.) if this game can’t play on your device/emulator, try original – most likely dev broke on original as well
2.) this mod can be played both rooted and unrooted device – enjoy !
3.) try only choose 1 version of the mod, either BGM full OR SFX full. Game sometimes show up weird with enemies kept spawning and “hung” there when you kill them too fast.
4.) disable BGM/SFX if you wish to play “normal”

Install Steps:
1.) install mod apk
2.) play game, it will download tons of data
3.) enjoy


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