Heroes of Skyrealm KR v1.6.2 Mod Apk

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Heroes of Skyrealm KR

Heroes of Skyrealm KR v1.6.2 Mod Apk
Game Features
◈ Feel the thrilling action unfold are 25 distinctive North American-style hero!
Once a thrilling battle made a unique and distinctive team of 25 heroes ever seen!
Control and timing of breathtaking skill at hand, and the hands with a powerful combo skills exhilarating!
In addition to the 25 people waiting for a hero to many heroes scramble await you. Who’s next?

◈ fantastic graphics and a live orchestra musicians met!
Every minute scattered stunning 3D graphics and striking sense!
The storm BGM as the orchestra playing live knocks your heart!

◈ humanity strongest fortress of the public birth of the ancient Ark Technologies ‘of the perforated’
Kids are not the only Terre action!
Enjoy the SLG to upgrade each building in the castle of the heavens and the presence of a hero!

◈ hand over the first page of the epic poems of the heroes!
Are you ready, 25 heroes, each of the stories stem throw you into a large-scale epic spectacle playing together as a giant swirl the story ?!

Designed the fort with various units, a trap, only one advantage of tactic towers and devastated the opponent’s tactics to destroy the fort!
The UGC is another game in the game swilteum not hide the tension and excitement!

◈ real-time PVP
Breathing moment is transmitted to the fingertips! Feel the moment!
Test your limits in 1vs1 and former powerhouse in the guild battle 5vs5
Prove that the strongest guild!

◈ Boss Raid
That’s the time to go hunting for big boss!
Be the opponent breathtaking second giant monsters in real-time with friends!

◈ treasures plundered
Treasures of the World is Mine!
Be Pirates party treasure. If I do not keep my longer!
Time ppaetgo ppaetgineun looting on the fly.

■ ■ Customer Information Center
– Customer Service: 1544-0711 (10:00 to 6:00 pm weekdays)
– the official Naver cafe: http://cafe.naver.com/longtuaether
– Contact Us: http://help.longtugames.co.kr

■ Game Guide ■ Use Rights
* For smooth gameplay are demanding the same rights as follows:
– Use the [READ_PHONE_STATE] permission to come to read the device status.
This permission does not affect dialing feature yen will be used to collect information purposes only device needed for the event rewards and customer response.
– You can read or use a folder in the internal or external storage for downloaded data necessary for the game.
This authority is the authority required to install the game on an external memory device when lack capacity.
– Use the account information in order to send news and event information via push messages.

* Some items are purchased and needs, and additional charges may occur depending on the type.
* You can not use the right to refuse the game.

아이테르: 천공의성
아이테르: 천공의성
아이테르: 천공의성
아이테르: 천공의성
아이테르: 천공의성
아이테르: 천공의성

1.) massive everything (SFX slider)
2.) increased speed (SFX > 0)

1.) mods enabled when SFX > 0, if you mute SFX then everything goes back to normal
2.) if this game can’t play on your device/emulator, try original – most likely dev broke on original as well
3.) this mod can be played both rooted and unrooted device – enjoy !

Install Steps:
1.) install mod apk
2.) play game, it will download tons of data
3.) enjoy


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