Heroes X Academy v1.7.100 (Mod Apk)

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Heroes X Academy

Heroes X Academy v1.7.100 (Mod Apk) The new game of war game greatly simplifies the operation of war chess and preserves the fun of war chess. Any player can easily get started, and return to the mobile phone game online game “Battle Story Hero Story” waiting for you to fight.
In order to maintain the peace of the world, the teenagers who insist on love and justice stand on the ground and fight against the terrorists who are trying to destroy the world! The ruined female lord, the natural medical master, the black sniper sniper queen, the mysterious and cold sister-controlled ninja, the energetic tech sword fairy girl, the powerful and handsome overbearing president of the villain, not to mention the quick saliva Click Download to start the game!

Game features
—The plot is thrilling —
In the game, as the story advances, there will be wonderful story animations in addition to the dialogue. Tell the story of the battlefield that belongs to the heroes.
—The battlefield elements are rich —
There are not only different kinds of enemies in the battlefield, but also rich terrain elements. Greatly improve the fun of fighting.
—The leader is full of strength —
Say goodbye to no brains, the player needs to avoid the strong skills of the leader’s warning, and move through the advance operation to capture the weakness of the leader to fight. The leader has a rich skill set and gorgeous performances, and there are rich rewards.
— Hero story unlocked —
All heroes in the game can be acquired by completing the storyline and level challenges. And each hero has his own weapons and equipment.
—Weapon-specific features —
Each hero has his own exclusive weapon, and changing his or her own weapon will change its range and attack characteristics.
—Destruction of the leader—:
Each important BOSS has a destructible part, and the weapon that uses the weak point can destroy the part and obtain the exclusive destruction equipment.
—Combat loop activation —
Using the wafer to activate different combat loops, the combat loop gives the carrier a special ability to deal with different battlefield enemies.
— Checkpoint strong enemy into the —
After the daily battle, the organic rate appears to be chaotic into the enemy, defeating the enemy can get special rewards.
—Hero exclusive level —
The game has a dedicated level for each hero, complete the level challenge to get the strongest exclusive set, and further activate the powerful power of the hero.
—Friends help —
Help your friends to repel the raid enemies. You will receive exclusive support rewards. The more friends you have, the more reward you have. Become a hero’s partner!
—contact us—
“Battlefield Hero Story” Customer Service Email: BH@aliother.com戰場英雄物語

1. High damage
2. High heal

Note: Some stage you might need to play manual

Install Steps:
1. Download mod
2. Install
3. Enjoy!


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