Himemaki v2.0.2 Mod Apk


Himemaki v2.0.2 Mod Apk  “Collaboration is in progress” “Inferior student of theatrical version of Magical course high school”! ▼ ▽
“Masaya Tsunaya”, “Deep Snow Tsuneki” “Lina” and others participate from the world of Magisteri High School!
Now, give “Yukata Keiji Deep Snow”!
Collaboration limited event and collaboration summoning is underway!

▽ ▼ Himami Picture Wrapping ▼ ▽
Made using motifs of gods from all over the world, including Japan,
Making full use of over 100 cute personality-rich cute “princess gods”, a progress battle!
Determine the situation of the game and switch the skill with the position to capture it!

▽ ▼ advancement battle with position え ▽ ▽
“Princess God” greatly changes the characteristics and usable skills depending on the location of avant-garde and rear guard.
Variation of strategy spreads by fighting flexibly changing the arrangement of princess God!
You can play with casual and automatic combat function casually at idle time!

▽ ▼ Princess Gods can grow to the highest ranking ▼ ▽
Because all kinds of Princess God can grow to the highest rank,
Adventure with your favorite cute “princess god” forever!

▽ ▼ Hime God’s cute voice and a lively battle! ▼ ▽
The voice of “Princess God” is a popular voice actor including Yui Ogura, Noriaki Ishihara, Rina Rina Hidaka.
I will unexpectedly make a wrecking situation with a giant wrinkle changer battle.

□ ■ Deliver the latest information on Twitter ■ □
Character “Shirato” delivers up-to-date information on “Himami Picture Roll”!
Information that only available here can be murmured! Is it?

【Hime-gami Picture Scroll Official Twitter】
Hashtag: # Hermag

** When failing to acquire patch data **

· Where the communication environment is good, please start the game in the WiFi environment as much as possible.

· There may be insufficient free space on your terminal.
– Secure enough free space of 300 MB or more on the main unit, please start up the application again.

※ Due to the nature of the game, the size of necessary free space may increase in the future.
Please note.

※ ※ To customers who can not play ‘Himami Emaki’ ※ ※ ※

In addition to conducting surveys, we will strive for quality improvement and improvement, so please fill in the necessary information and inquire from the below.
* We do not reply individually to questions on reviews or Twitter.
Sorry to trouble you, but please email us.

【For inquiries concerning ‘Hime-eye picture scroll’】


[What you would like me to mention when making inquiries]
· Device name used
· Phenomenon occurring
· If the application does not start, at what point will the application terminate forcibly
* The application is forcibly terminated on the title screen, etc.

Please check the following before contacting us
Please allow permission setting so that you can receive mail from “himemaki.com” domain.
Also, if you are setting mail address designation reception, please give permission setting so that you can receive mail from the email address of “support@himemaki.com”.
In the state of purchasing a smartphone, it may not be able to receive mail from support.

* There are cases where the equipment to be implemented and the one under development are included in the movie and the image in the future.
※ There are some charged items.
* This screen is written as “Language: English” in the “Information” column, but you can use it in Japanese.


1. We and the enemy blood 1 (we seem to have the first attack)


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