Honkai Impact JP v6.3.0 (Mod Apk)


honkai-impactHonkai Impact v6.3.0 (Mod Apk)  From the same developers that brought over the popular 2D side-scrolling action RPG, Mihoyo is back at it again with a new 3D Anime Action RPG featuring playable characters from Guns Girls series.

【Ninja Yae Sakura | Ye Yin Zhong Xia】
During the thunder and howling, the night faded away the last glow.
Yae Sakura’s new armor “Yeyin Heavy Kasumi” debuts-born unnamed, codenamed “Kasumi”.
New armor-specific skill enhancement system to unlock new skills!

[Winter Activities | Xia Yin Sanhua Transcript]
The extreme east ninja “Kasumi” was on top secret mission and came to the ancient town of Yae-cho.
From spring to autumn, the ancient Ninfa Post is about to reappear, and the harsh and ruthless city master and the charming underground queen appear …
Participate in the event, you can get the new gift of “Dark Night Flower” and “Yin Yin Zhong Xia” character fragments and other gifts!

[Main Line Chapter 14 | Dark Daybreak]
In order to stop the World Snake’s plan in the sky city, Qiana and Rita dissolve the gangsters and fight together to bring dawn to this impending city.
The mainline chapter 14 plot update, chapter challenge activities open for a limited time! Participate in activities and get rewards such as 4-star sacred marks and three-point crystals!

[Equipment Update]
Emancipate new forces and exceed the limits of weapons-Nuyada of the dim light, Star Crusher 19C-X join the armory!
Thunder broke through the day, and the sword heart could endure. “Ishikawa Goyoemon” debuts to help the captain fight against collapse!

【game introduction】
“Break 3rd” ignites the soul of ACG action! Next-gen action game strikes!
In the not-too-distant future, the mysterious disaster “collapse” erodes the world.
The infected human becomes a “dead man” without thinking and only knows how to destroy; the infected animal becomes a “collapsed beast” that is cruel and only understands how to attack.
The only girls who can resist the collapse are those born with antibodies, and they will have a mark called “Sacred Mark” on them.
The player will play the captain of the Hubellian, commanding and leading Qiana with white hair of European descent, hand-washing the soup-made Tang Xianhui, the silent mercenary girl Bronya, the proud girl, and the adorable Meng Meng The fox-eared Yae Sakura, the world’s cutest Teresa, the legendary Carlin, Carlin, Fu Hua who is serious about not losing to anyone, Rita, who is in the night, and twin sisters with star dream , The twins who are awakened in personality. Join hands to fight the collapse and fight for all the good things in the world!

[Necessary authority]
In order to download and store game data, you need to obtain the permissions of your mobile media library

Official Website: https://honkaiimpact3.mihoyo.com/tw/zh-tw
Official Fan Club: www.facebook.com/bh3tw

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