Hortensia Saga Jp v5.17 (Mod Apk)

Hortensia Saga Jp

Hortensia Saga Jp v5.17 (Mod Apk) ◆ ◇ TV animation broadcasting started in January 2021! ◇ ◆

◆ ◇ Hortensia Saga Zero is now available! ◇ ◆
Rewrite the Saga-The girl’s determination returns the story (saga) to zero. ~
The end of World War 774, the Holy King’s history, brought great joy and peace.
However, behind the historical facts and the “results” left in memory, there was a deleted “truth” and a great “power” …
What is the great power and the “beginning” of the “eight heroes”? With her determination in mind, the “girl” goes back in time to regain her irreplaceable existence.

◆ ◇ Senki RPG presented by f4samurai ◇ ◆
“Hortensia Saga” (Orsaga)
・ The story of a magnificent trilogy that begins in a remote area called Ober
* If you are playing Orsaga for the first time, you will start with the Ober trilogy,
We are conducting a campaign to reduce AP consumption so that the story progresses easily.
・ In the great whirlpool of fate, the story (saga) is entrusted to you
・ Active lane battle full of immersive feeling
・ Easy auto battle, crispy battle at 2x and 4x speed is also possible
・ Form a knight group with your friends and aim for the top after many large-scale battles!

◆ ◇ Features of Hortensia Saga ◇ ◆
Full-scale RPG of f4samurai presented with overwhelming quality

■ Spectacular scenarios and various quests
・ Hortancia Den … The main story of the two divided countries
・ Knight’s biography … Adventures with friends you meet and stories drawn from each perspective
・ Gaiden: A story told from a perspective other than the main character and the time axis
・ Event quests … Dungeon that changes every day and various rewards

■ Active Lane Battle
・ Quest battle that progresses in real time
-Attack range that changes for each weapon attribute of “slash”, “thrust”, “hit”, and “far”.
-Place enhanced characters on various formation sheets with special effects!
-Advance the battle situation to your advantage by activating skills and linking with the special effects panel of the active lane!

■ Clash between knights
・ Large-scale battle with up to 20 people vs. 20 people
・ Battle between forces colliding on an unprecedented scale
・ Win a battlefield that changes in real time in a joint battle

■ Encounter and growth with characters
・ More than 400 characters appear
・ Over 300 types of various skills, tactics, and abilities
・ Skill addition and combat power improvement by the follower system
・ Every knight has a story, and each grows and awakens in battle.

◆ ◇ Synopsis of the Ober trilogy ◇ ◆
At the same time as the rebellion by the Principality of Camelia, which broke out in the Kingdom of Hortancia, many disasters fell on the kingdom.
The protagonist and his servant Marius, who became the lord of the Dependent Ober of the Kingdom of Hortancia at a young age, were fighting to protect the kingdom by confronting the monsters and the Principality soldiers that appeared in various places …
The legend of “Magonia” depicting the existence of magic, dragons, monsters, and apostles. The story gradually approaches the core while challenging the bizarre incidents that occur in various places.

Part 1 Theme song: “The wind of your name blows” (song: Kanako Ito)
Part 3 Theme song: “REVIVER” (song: MY FIRST STORY)
Hortensia Saga Zero Theme Song: “Rewrite the Saga” (Song: Mafumafu)

◆ Supported OS ◆
Android 4.1 or above required

Official site >> https://app.hortensia-saga.com
* When an event occurs in which some voices are not played,
From the TOP page, click Other> Settings> System to clear the cache
I hope you can do it
* No registration required, free basic play / some items chargedオルタンシア・サーガ

Mod Menu
>Dumb Enemy


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