Identity V Tw v1.0.812877 (Mod Apk)

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Identity V Tw

Identity V Tw v1.0.812877 (Mod Apk) 【game introduction】
“Fifth Personality” is NetEase’s first asymmetrical competitive mobile game. The absurd Gothic style, suspenseful brain-burning plot, and exciting 1V4 asymmetrical confrontational gameplay will bring players a brand new gaming experience. The player will become Detective Orpheus. After receiving a mysterious letter of commission, he enters the notorious manor to investigate a missing case. In the process of evidence investigation, Orpheus will use the deductive method to review the case. When reviewing the case, the player can choose to play the role of the supervisor or the survivor and launch a fierce confrontation. In the process of investigation, when infinitely close to the facts, they discovered more and more unbelievable truths.

[Game Features]
-Asymmetrical confrontation gameplay, chase and escape experience with heartbeat
In the game, players can play the roles of survivor and supervisor. The goal of the four survivors is to decipher 5 cryptographic machines to escape from the gate, and the goal of the supervisor is to eliminate all survivors. In the game, players use the character’s exclusive skills or props to feel the excitement of heartbeat and the fun of strategic duel in the chase and escape games.

-The story of Carnival Manor, the twists and turns and bizarre cases reappear
“…Like a beast that is about to be drowned in the abyss, disguising itself as a monster, fearing to involve others in it, but at the same time eager for salvation…” In the dark manor, many invitees After the game orgy, he still didn’t realize that he was in a dark vortex, and he could no longer distinguish between good and evil.

-Gothic dark painting style, absurd and weird upgrade
The crow hovered in the night sky, the misty woods, in the mysterious atmosphere of the game, deduced an unknown serial case buried in the Caucasus mountains. The historical elements of the Victorian era, the dark and puppetized characters, the black and white nostalgic animation style, the truth is hidden in the details of the appearance.

-Personal character collection, a variety of occupational skills matching
There are hidden stories behind each character, either for money, for grievances, or for love, and they are invited to this mysterious manor at the same time. Players can perform clue deductions by substituting into the game’s role and repeating the process when the case occurred. The fog of the truth of the case will not be shrouded forever.

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※”Fifth Personality” is classified into 15 levels according to the game software classification management method. The game plot of this application involves sex, violence, and horror.
※This application game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items.
※Please experience it according to your personal interests and abilities, and pay attention to the game time to avoid indulging.第五人格

1. Show the position of our side and the enemy side (the color can be adjusted to purple, yellow, and blue)


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