Idle Island Tycoon: Island survival game v2.8.1 (Mod Apk)

Idle Island Tycoon: Island survival game

Idle Island Tycoon: Island survival game v2.8.1 (Mod Apk) The world has ended because of global warming and now you need to lead a group of friends to survive on a few islands after the biggest flood in history! Gather all the resources that you can and travel to bigger islands in order to create a new civilization after the end of the world! All this history can be enjoyed in this free idle game, where we mix the best of the survival games and the best of the tycoon or idle games.

This survival game starts with a small group of survivors that are trying to survive gathering some food and material. You will need to gather material in order to build new buildings and to advance in this idle game but also you will need to control the food of the survivors to make them as efficient as possible.

We really offer a challenging adventure in this idle game since you will have to create a new world with your survivors. If you are persistent and you take advantage of the boost of this survival game, you will have the necessary resources to discover new islands where you will have more resources to gather.

Obviously, a challenging idle adventure means that you will have to manage few things in order to prosper in this survival game. However, the most important things are the material to build new buildings, the food to feed the survivors of the island and the survivors in itself, who will be working in your island when you are online but also offline.

This is a new type of tycoon game because we have created an idle game with a history mode so you will enjoy the amenity of playing in an idle game but with the context of a whole history of a survival game. Therefore, you won’t have to play in an active way but you will need to accomplish some missions to advance to the next islands where you will have to build a new civilization but also to advance in the history of this wonderful tycoon game.

The buildings that you build with the gathered materials need to be managed by you as well. You will have to decide how many survivors should work in each building because the more survivors in a building, the more material or food you will get from that building. Obviously, if you want to travel to discover new islands, you will have to get the maximum material that you can. Therefore, we are also offering a tycoon mechanic. Can you see now why we are saying that this is the best idle game but also the best survival game?

Speak with the wandering merchant and buy special improvements for your island! This will make your advance faster! You can also research new ways to improve the productivity of your buildings and survivors and obviously you will need to take care of the new survivors who come to the island! They will work on your island for you!

You will discover new places on the island and amazing treasures from the sea which will help you to advance faster in this survival game. Remember that you can gather resources in this idle game where you are online and offline so don’t think more about it! Download Idle Island Tycoon: The free survival game where you will live a challenging and awesome adventure of a shipwreck man or woman!

The best features of this survival and tycoon game are:

3 Types of buildings. You will have to manage buildings of food, material and special buildings to advance in the islands.
3 Levels of foodstuff. You will have to take care of the survivors and feed them. If they are hungry, they will be less efficient and they will produce less
Improvements of the buildings. You have 3 ways to improve a building in this tycoon game: improving the quality of the resource, improving the tools that survivors use or allocating more survivors to produce more
Special animals. You will find special animals on the island that you can hunt in order to get more resources. Surviving in this tycoon game won’t be easy!

This is the best idle game which is inspired by a survival adventure with lots of things to discover. Download Idle Island Tycoon and enjoy this free survival game!!
Idle Island Tycoon: Island survival game
Idle Island Tycoon: Island survival game
Idle Island Tycoon: Island survival game
Idle Island Tycoon: Island survival game
Idle Island Tycoon: Island survival game
Idle Island Tycoon: Island survival game

MOD APK features:
1. Unlimited Materials
2. Unlimited Diamonds

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy


Idle Island Tycoon: Island survival game v2.8.1 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

Idle Island Tycoon: Island survival game v2.8.1 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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