Idola Phantasy Star Saga JP v2.13.0 (Mod Apk)

Idola Phantasy Star Saga CN

Idola Phantasy Star Saga CN v2.13.0 (Mod Apk) Now go to the pre-login page and press the pollination to make an appointment. If you open the service, you will get a five-star character Kuna:

Innovative fate divergence system, enrich your adventure fantasy; in the bloody Idola battle, feel the deadly pleasure of Boss!

In the territory of Wandore, which is dominated by swords and magic, although the legendary catastrophe “Dark Fars” is still sealed, its huge monster “Idola” is a fierce threat to human survival… The dark Fars, also waiting for an opportunity to seek resurrection.

– Game features –
秩序 Order vs. Chaos: Freely switch formations and command battles freely
More rich team battle system! At the same time, the luxury lineup of “order” and “chaos” is formed. The two groups replace the Vietnam War and become more brave. Finally, they proudly launch a full attack on the enemy!
决定 Deterministic fate disagreement: the role is ultimately strengthened, the route is chosen by you
Stick to order? Break into chaos? The direction of the character is determined by you. The two paths of vertical painting, nirvana, and combat performance will definitely open your eyes!
 Super blood Idola battle: Big Boss for you, challenge the most mad
Incarnate yourself as a big boss, Idola, and fight with all server players! Defeat other players and grab high rewards!
 High strategic attributes: the ultimate elemental explosion, a strong enemy
Make good use of the attributes, defeat the enemy to absorb the elemental energy, and finally the decisive battle to start the elemental explosion, the enemy will kill!
 Luxury seiyuu collection: soul dub blessing, deductive legend new chapter
Aikawa Naito shida Fujita, Fujita, Sadako, Sada, and other popular singers, together with the legend of Idola!

Join the official fan group and participate in the good health activities:夢幻之星:伊多拉傳說



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