Jungle Adventures Run v2.1.2 (Mod Apk)

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Jungle Adventures Run

Jungle Adventures Run v2.1.2 (Mod Apk) If you love our Jungle Adventures series, then you will surely enjoy this new jungle-themed Running game!

Addu came to know about a new and magical world that is in danger! Huge and dangerous Bosses are trying to capture it with their evil powers!

Help Addu and his friends to save the magical world in this action-packed Running adventure game!

It’s a new kind of Jungle Adventures game that you can play with just using one hand! Control Addu by tapping as he constantly runs forward!

– Easy to use one-touch portrait gameplay
– Beautiful and stunning graphics
– Big Boss Battles!
– Amazing music and sound effects
– Unique and carefully designed levels
– Multiple characters to choose from in this running game!

In this new kind of adventure game from the Jungle Adventure series, jump and run your way by simply tapping on the screen. Do super run, perform single and double jumps in mid-air! Collect all the fruits, have epic battles and complete all the levels!

If you love our games, Jungle Adventures, Jungle Adventures 2, and Jungle Adventures 3 then you are surely going to enjoy this new adventure game! With simple jump and run controls, this game is suitable for all ages.

Download this Running Adventure game and start the super run!

Go on a running adventure in Jungle Adventures Run and enjoy the jungle run in this epic game adventure filled with a lot of fun!

In this adventure run you get to battle against various monsters and have fun in this run adventure. With many environments to explore in this jungle run you can play this amazing running adventure.

Get ready for an ultimate adventure run in this fun-filled game adventure, download now!

Contact us on support@renderedideas.com if you need any help!

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Jungle Adventures Run
Jungle Adventures Run
Jungle Adventures Run
Jungle Adventures Run
Jungle Adventures Run
Jungle Adventures Run

Lots of Fruit


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