Kagura Senran v2.1.5 Mod Apk

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Kagura Senran

Kagura Senran v2.1.5 Mod Apk ■■ Game Features ■■

Pretty girl active play ◆ RPG ◆
Absolute and overwhelming quality of content!
Finally, the absolute and ultimate charm of these girls!
Colorful motion graphics and high-density customizing character motion!
It is a stand-alone type RPG that has a different hand than the existing one.

◆ Shuangran roulette sum – sieve! ◆
Who would have imagined it!
A gorgeous pink encounter of a traditional gaming machine with a long history.
Do not you want to get attractive cards even if you do not make the effort?

◆ Automatic play unnecessary operation ◆
Simply select a character to transform and automatically fight against enemy monsters!
You have learned various items from the enemy monster you threw down!

◆ Visual ◆
Do not you want to see the glamorous movements of them?
Get realistic live illustrations like animation!
Get a sexy character illustration card, make eye candy and strengthen your ability !!

◆ Collection of premium illustrations card ◆
Their best photojennic festival that dynamically waves!
Various non-publicized cards appearing in charm pottery other than the existing published card
Rising character stats, colorful skill directing cards, character costume cards
A variety of cards to stimulate your senses are waiting for you.
I want to put it in the heart of the rare card library in the incense collector’s
A heartfelt soul is wriggling now!

◆ Growth System ◆
Make them stronger with endless leveling, reincarnation and transcendence.
Acquiring and growing cards through pachinko breaks the ghastly enemy and boss
You can run with them farther and farther.

◆ It touches the limit, and it touches soaring! Daily Dungeon ◆
When you play a character in a mini game? !! I’m ashamed, I’m happy !?
The more you reach the nose, the more you get to the stage with a vivid eye,
Getting closer! A gesture of the goddess that refuses even to blink
The beat is getting faster and stronger.

◆ The official community of the Irish Kagura wreckage ◆
Developer contact:
+82221327965섬란카구라 폭유질주
섬란카구라 폭유질주
섬란카구라 폭유질주
섬란카구라 폭유질주
섬란카구라 폭유질주
섬란카구라 폭유질주

one hit
god mode
*Need fake vpn CN/TW to play mod


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