Kaiju Brawl v37 (Mod Apk)

Kaiju Brawl

Kaiju Brawl v37 (Mod Apk) Story mode and Multiplayer coming!!.
Fight along side Kong and Godzilla to eliminate the evil monsters.
– Lots of fun.
– Stunning graphics.
– Cool UI system.
-Incredible Music

Kaiju Brawl is an action adventure about legendary monsters. The player can choose one of many huge kaiju, and then go on a journey through locations filled with enemies. Monsters have basic and special attacks, which have to destroy enemies. Completing levels will earn gold, which will contribute to increase the strength, health and other parameters of heroes. In addition to the story campaign, there are survival mode and arcade coming soon!.
Kaiju Brawl
Kaiju Brawl
Kaiju Brawl
Kaiju Brawl
Kaiju Brawl
Kaiju Brawl

MOD features:
Free advertising to obtain resources, the use of gold coins does not reduce it.


Kaiju Brawl v37 (Mod Apk) –DRIVE LINK

Kaiju Brawl v37 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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