Kemono Friends 3 v1.0.1 (Mod Apk)

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Kemono Friends 3

Kemono Friends 3 v1.0.1 (Mod Apk)

Shinairu to my friends

■ The familiar stage is “Japari Park” ■

The story is a completely original story of “Kemono Friends 3”!
Japari Park Security Investigation Team, (?) “Exploration Team” is a great adventure in various places!
Don’t miss the story weaving with the unique animal girls “Friends” you will meet!

■ Confront power with Cerulean! ■

Unidentified “Cerulean” threatens Japari Park
Combining your own “order flag”, the “Kemo Chorus” that improves the effect of the flag, and the big skill “Kemono Miracle” of each of your friends!
Take advantage of your friends’ “attributes”, “tokusaku”, and “tachi skills” to advance your battles!

■ Many attractive friends ■

You can always watch the stories and battles of the friends deployed in high quality 3DCG!
Become stronger and stronger with “Kemo-class” and “Open to the wild”!
You can also learn more about Friends with “Zukan”, which allows you to become familiar with the original animals!

■ Friends in original costumes! ■

Exploring clothes, jerseys, and a special XX figure for each one! ?
Don’t miss the new appearance of friends that can only be seen in “Kemo-Fure 3”!
Let’s go on a different adventure with your favorite costume!

■ Interlocking with the arcade version! ■

Ant linked with the arcade version “Kemono Friends 3 Planet Tours”!
A new experience that allows you to print the illustrations you got in the app version in the game casing of the game center to make a real card!
Make your own collection and enjoy the app and arcade!

■ Completely new voice by popular voice actors! ■

Yuka Ozaki (Saki Ono) Aya Uchida
Mirai Sasaki Nebufufu Tamura Hibana Aiba Aina Yuki Tsukita
Atsuko Kaneda Yukiyo Fujii Yuu Kobayashi Mami Yamashita
Miori Suzuko

Many other gorgeous voice actors color “Kemo-Fure 3”!


▼ Title
Kemono Friends 3

▼ Genre
RPG to “exciting exploration” with friends

▼ Price
Basic free * In-app purchase available


▼ Official site

▼ Official Twitter

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