Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.19.9 (Mod Apk Money)

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.19.9 (Mod Apk Money) Last Day on Earth is a zombie survival game, where all survivors are driven by one goal: stay alive as long as you can. There is no place left for friendship, love and compassion. When the apocalypse comes you can trust only yourself and your gun.

Instructions for survivors:

Improve your skills and and craft more deadly weapons against zombie walkers and other players. Knock their heads off!

Build a strong base to protect your life and belongings from walking dead attacks and other survivors. Craft and place traps to take captives and make them regret stealing from you.

You are alone against zombies and other players who want to steal your resources. Dominate and control this cruel post-apocalyptic world. Hunt or be hunted.

You can find a lot of useful stuff to create your personal zombie survival vehicle. Don’t miss the chance to ride a Chopper through walking dead hordes and post-apocalyptic landscapes.

Wild animals, hunger, thirst and cold can can kill you faster than a walking dead army. Hunt animals and prepare food over a campfire, collect water with rain catcher and kill other players to get their supplies. Feel the spirit of true survival!

Search abandoned military bunkers and survivors’ bases in order to find and take the most valuable resources. Craft survival vehicles and take a trip to abandoned city ruins. You can travel to distant regions and build a shelter wherever you want.

More powers, more opportunities and more chances that you won’t die today but someone else. Claim territories with your clan and make others work for you.

Use the chat, information is the second most important resource in this world full of walking dead hordes.

In 2027 an outbreak of an unknown zombie infection wiped out most of the world’s population. Life was draining away from people but the pandemic was turning them into hordes of the insatiable walking dead. Stay alone or team up with allies – you’re the one to choose your path in the world full of chaos. Use any ways you can in order to survive.

Welcome to the real zombie apocalypse! In Last Day on Earth every your decision matters, every your mistake can be a fatal one. If you fail, you’ll have to start all over again. The nature will try to finish you off as quick as a zombie or another player. Be careful with choosing allies. Today your partner has saved you from death and tomorrow they can shoot you in the back for a can of bean.

Download and enjoy Last Day on Earth – a new free zombie survival game today!

Last Day on Earth: Survival
Last Day on Earth: Survival
Last Day on Earth: Survival
Last Day on Earth: Survival
Last Day on Earth: Survival
Last Day on Earth: Survival


– Item Duplication (Split an Item to get more)
– Free Crafting (Craft without required items)
– Free Building (Build without required items)
– No Building Requirements
– Free Upgrading (Upgrade without required items)
– Infinite Weapon Durability
– Infinite Armor Durability
– Unlimited Skill Points (Use skill to increase)
– New Fast travel on the map
– New When walking your energy is not wasted
– First aid kits not in the slot endless


If you have a black screen after starting the game:

– completely stop the game in the settings and start again!


Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.19.9 (Mod Apk Money) – DRIVE LINK

Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.19.9 (Mod Apk Money) – ZIPPYSHARE

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  1. Can u do v1.3 as v1.2 it’s easier cuz in v1.3 even when I split some of the resources I can use it so please consider it

  2. Stuck at loading after playing few about 20 mins, and always stuck even if u restart the app, u can’t play after thst stuck.(mega mod)

    • You are maybe u are stuck cuz u used the dragunov gun and also craft workbench etc if u craft them ur game will be stuck

    • me too there are blueprints that appaers in my backbag and when i try to build them in build mode they doesn’t appear

  3. some blueprints can’t be built
    e.g: when i try to build the tower it appears in my backbag but when i try to build it in build mode it doesn’t appear

  4. Update 1.4.1, why my weapon dragonuv cant destroy or delete ?? i cant go to base or forest place on map, please fix this,original app cant delete this weapon.

  5. There’s a problem with mod v1:

    Coins Unlimited it’s not working
    Weapon Unlimited it’s not working
    Damage 1 Hit it’s working perfectly
    Free Craft it’s working perfectly

  6. To all the modders for last day on Earth :
    You are doing a marvelous job even with what you have given us and I know how emmensly difficult it can be to modify an online server based game for In App Purchases so thank you very much, please never give up in finding new ways to mod this game because I can assure you this game will definitely be very popular once it is out of beta phase and that’s when mods will be really needed so once again thank you very much for your intense hard work for us the public and wish you all the best in modding future versions
    …..happy hacking…..and Thanks once again. I deeply appreciate your work.

    • Hey Derek can you please explain to me how to delete the catch/file from the game and then add the modded catch/file I love this game but I’m a noob on mod stuff my email is would really appreciate it

  7. Thank you for the mod, I couldn’t get my hands off this since your mod. However the super mod ultra 1 is in version 1.4.3 instead of 1.4.1 and it keep on telling us to update as it’s different with the server, would you be so kind and amend that tiny bit, the description is so tempting, can’t wait any longer to try.

  8. Thanks for your great job, but its said ” new update release “..i dont know what happen, but can u fix it admin..thank you

  9. Uninstalled apps v1 successfully installed v2 and everything on v1 i download still not installed successfully please admin on fix
    1.4.2 V1

  10. Can anyone help me please I don’t even know how to delete catch/file and add the modded catch/file to the game I can’t find an answer on YouTube or Google my email is

  11. Please add unlimited defense for 1.4.2. But in mod v1 in 1.4.2, when u start a game, you’ll stuck in loading screen.

  12. For the next update..can admin make a simple mod in one apk? like..
    Craft (no need mat and unlimited)
    Equipment (weapon n armor cant break)
    Loot (higher chance to find awesome loot/lots of it)
    Please ?

  13. Mods simplywork anymore. The game opens loads the bar til like90% and then it freezes.
    I do not know how to fix that. Tried everything.

  14. 1) Download the “BYPASSED APK” (or the “BYPASSED APK ALTERNATIVE” if your Android Version is 6.0 or Higher), install it, launch it at least once and then close it.
    2) Download the “MOD DATA” and EXTRACT IT. Move then, the folder “data” to your INTERNAL MEMORY (the one you can access with ROOT only) and PASTE IT (it will overwrite already existing files, select YES)
    3) Launch the hack and enjoy it!
    How to launch the hack ??

  15. This site used to have better last day on earth MOD but nw it has the shittest mods ever. So please get back on greatness

  16. After downloading it shows app not installed.. i tried many times but not installing.. disappointed. Tried downloading different links.Wasted my net packs.

  17. instale el mod 2 de la 1.4.6 y no da nada de lo que dice que da. tengo que meter la data a juro? yo quiero seguir jugando mi partida.
    si pueden explicar cual es la data a abrir para la energía y las monedas yo mismo lo hago en la mia 😀

  18. hari You need Lucky Patcher to install this application, as a system application. But that does not mean that the application does not work XD. The base server reconfirms the modification and just installs a re-parch and is updated with the original.

  19. Guys . . This mod only work by rooted device . . U must have Lucky Patcher for instaling this mod . . U can’t instaling this mod in normal device.

  20. Guys . . This mod only work by Rooted device . . U must have Lucky Patcher for instaling this mod . . U can’t instaling this mod in normal device.

  21. Upload 1.5 instant move and full energy please.. i have the 1.4.6 but i cant play.. update 1.5.. my save game on 1.4.6 Lost..i feel sad..

  22. 1.5 Doesn’t work, 1.4.6 worked like a charm (not the shop trough) but i was glad with it, the new one 1.5 is just like the google play version. Please if you could update it with a version that works
    Keep up the good work, and thank you for great mods!

  23. Hello i have a prob with the MOD ULTRA after reload my game with the MOD ULTRA, the game sticks on a Chinese adverstissement. Can someone help me pls

  24. I installed v1.5 signed. But when i open the app some Chinese text come on and i f i click at the bottom it just crashed.

  25. How do i cancel the chinese advertisement on the start, at first try it was nothing but when i logged back in. I got this screen with Chinese characters and i cant seem to find the “x” button. Thanks for the help. Great Mod. ??

  26. How do i cancel the chinese advertisement? At first try it was nothing. But when i logged back in, i got this screen with chinese characters in it. There was a big blue button but all it does is take me to the apk ‘ad’. Thanks for the reply. Great Mod. ??

  27. How do i cancel chinese advertisement? At the first try i got no problems. But when i logged back in, i got this screen with chinese characters in it. I can’t seem to find a cancel button ‘x’. Thanks for answers. Great Mod. ??

  28. Please make the 1.5.1 ver like the one in mod ultra, the mod worked for me and the game just updated so i cant use it anymore but can you change the coin thing? it turns my coins into a negative number tnx

  29. V 1.5.1 not installing even my phone rooted. Iam using lucky patcher too. Downloaded all links even one file . Can anyone tell me whats the problem?

  30. It’s working . I tried on 2 different phones and it’s not installing .
    Tried on an emulator for PC and the apk it’s like the MOD:(

  31. why update on 1.5.1 didnt connected through 1.5 version?
    and in this update 1.5.1 has a language other than english when i try to install but i cancelled in middle of installation

  32. only mod new v3 1.5.1 (dupe and indestructible) work on me, but equip armor/shoe then unequip will decrease defense/move speed. Please fix that. You guys can help me on another mod?

  33. 2 big problems with these hacks:

    1. Can’t connect to Google play to save the data.
    2. The stupid chinese ad is the reason the game crashes everytime. The screen doesn’t go any further than the chinese ad & then it crashes. So, you can’t close the app at all.
    I hope hack developers see this comment & remove the chinese ad.

  34. Mod extra, root v2, and new v1 not work? I already install and play but no mod add. I play LDoE mod like LDoE ori, pls fix it and add unlimited health

  35. hi admin uploader .. is it possible to play this mod without root? If no then please make something where we will not need to root

  36. do you people have to upload them to the slowest sites possible? or is just a scumbag way for you to make money? asshole

  37. Hello admin.. could you please upload the new version?
    it was working well but now it needs to be updated but I can’t update it and can’t open the game anymore.
    please could you fix it?
    thank you in advance.

  38. funciona el mod en la última versión(1.5.2), no carga. No había tenido problemas con las versiones anteriores. Por favor arreglenlo.

  39. The previous version worked on my phone but both V1 and V2 of v.1.5.2 still loading at first page and nothing was happened…

  40. Dude the 1.5.2 patch didn’t work on me it stuck on loading. Then i install the original apk it worked. Update another mod plss. Tnx in advance

  41. It doesn’t install, i left enough space, I disabled firewall, every time I try to install it says I couldn’t installed…

  42. I do not understand I have a white square with 10 to create mdr medical or other and I can create nothing or delete

  43. Could please add the extra for none root users? The extra works tbh and i really enjoyed using it please upload it admin? Tnx ??

  44. hi plz Dupe Hack (works on Armors, Weapons and every single-stack item)
    Indestructible Items (Armors, Weapons, Tools etc) for version 1.5.2 thanks or unbreakble weapons

  45. You can lunch the game once then the next time you open it there is a Chinese add you can’t get rid of and the game crashes.

  46. hack works but when i quit the game and try to open it up again then it gets stuck on some Chinese screen and when i touch the little white button thing it crashes the game why is it doing this

  47. It worked for the first time but when we reopen the game it’s stuck on the chinese ad, I’ve waited for almost 7 mins before I quit the app.

  48. FOR EVERYONE THATS STUCK ON THE CHINESE AD: Install ES Explorer and then open the mod back up. When the Chinese ad shows up, hit the Chinese button and it should force stop. Then, open up es explorer and in it, the app should prompt you to download the Chinese app. Download it, disable all the permissions it asks you, and play the game!

  49. FOR EVERYONE THAT IS HAVING TROUBLE WITH THE CHINESE AD: First you have to have ES File Explorer downloaded. You can get it from the playstore. Once you have it, open up the LDOE apk and the Chinese ad will show up. Click the button in chinese at the bottom, and the app will force stop. Now, open up ES File Explorer and it will prompt you to download the chinese app. Just download the chinese app (dont forget to deny its permissions bc there are a lot of them) and open the hacked apk. (Note: I don’t know if there was a time when you didn’t have to download the chinese apk, but when I downloaded the hacked apk, it wouldn’t work so I did the above)

  50. For Everyone Thats Having Trouble With The Chinese Ad: First you need to download ES File Explorer. Once you have that downloaded, open the hacked apk. Click the chinese button and the app will force stop. Open ES Explorer and a new file will show up, asking you if u want to download it. That is the Chinese app. Click the apk to install the chinese app (make sure to deny its permissions bc theres a lot of them). Once you do that, the hacked apk will work.

  51. Why the latest version not on mod it same like original apk..sorry i’m just asking..and i wish i will get My answer. And thanks

  52. i did all steps to install correctly and its crashing on the loading screen loads up almost fully just a little to go and stops how can i fix that! thanks

  53. Tried all the save files, sadly all of the versions except the…
    Mod extrav1 wont load the game, not even the 1.5.3 will load correctly…
    Though +respect for the extrav1, great job on that one even though it wont work anymore for v 1.5.3 ?

  54. Thanks for v.1.5.3 , but i can’t play, server won’t show up..
    Please update new one apk without copying data to Android/data..

    Thank you

  55. New 1.5.3. Apk seems to open properly but when you open game after replacing save, it slooowly loads to 95% but not further. Sure you can figure it out (^^,)

    Nice work tho!

  56. Update for 1.5.3 where you transfer the file folder work, whenever we extract the file it gets stuck on the loading screen where a survivor is hiding from the zombies at the other side of the truck.

  57. Plz create the updated v 1.5.3 like this one.
    Mod Extra v1- v 1.5.2
    1.) Unlimited Gold Coins
    2.) Unlimited Craft and Build Materials
    3.) Unlimited Craft Points
    As we can play the google playstore save game on it.
    This mod was awesome. Plz create the new mod like this one.

  58. Hey thanks again for the constant updates and hard work dude. The first link works great except you have no coins and you can’t buy nothing from the shop. The crafting works great though.

    The “(Optional) 90lv save with loads of coins, items, every craft learned:” choice this doesn’t work either and leaves me stuck at the loading screen

  59. The last update don’t connect with my Play Store account! The hack is working good, but my progress don’t show!

  60. i just hv craft kevlar the game is crash n will not open… i hv copy my file uninstall game & instal paste file. still not work i just play again with noob chart

  61. Thanks and keep updating non root apk brother..and if you can explain in detail with little better english would be even more helpful.. but you are the best

  62. Again thank you so damn much for making this game so fun. You’ve done a perfect job with this. The latest and first choice of the apk/save work brilliantly. Thanks a lot!

  63. Why isn’t the save file working!? I installed it once but unfortunately I made the mistake by equipping the dragunov weapon! So I uninstalled the game – now I can’t reinstall it!!! Please help me out

  64. Hi mate the first set of save and mod seemed to work great for a bit now i can’t get it to load with the save. Any help !? cheers.

  65. 1.5.3 working great but ever since I unlocked the radio tower nothing seems to be in view when you go to build it from your bag? It’s only furniture and structures that’s doing it everything else is fine, plz fix!

  66. Mod Save/Backup is not working anymore!!!
    I unpatched LP – I unrooted/rooted my phone but nothing seems to help!!!
    It just stuck at loading!!! Has the game been patched without us knowing???
    Any fix for this since I dont want to start over

  67. Mod Save/Backup is working actually here it is how to get it working:
    Replace “zombie.surviva….” in sdcard/android/data and in device/data/data>
    for the ” cache” and “files” grant owner permission
    go to “device/data/app” > “zombie.survival…..” grant permission to all “lib files”
    the game should load past the 97%
    the only issue once you close the game you can not re-open it!!!

  68. Admin can u set the file name into root and no-root because its kinda hard to download for no-root device please..thank you so much 🙂

  69. Your Data file does not contain any data. It’s not even extracting in es explorer. It says exception found! bad archive).

  70. Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.5.4 (Mod Apk Money)
    Open Lucky Patcher-Toolbox-Patch to Android and apply Disable .apk Signature Verification, install apk and play … Can not install … “app was not installed, the package is apparently damaged.” …

  71. Open Lucky Patcher-Toolbox-Patch to Android and apply Disable .apk Signature Verification, install apk and play … Can not install … “app was not installed, the package is apparently damaged.” …

  72. 1.5.4 with lvl 99 & 99999HP doesn’t have infinite health. Please make a real mod with infinite health. Because this one is not working! Please fix
    Can you make mod with dupe hack, free craft, unbreakable weapon?

  73. Sir, when I buy 0 item it doesn’t work.. Please fix it.. Thanks.. Oh btw this mod is EXTREAMLY GOOD!!!

  74. Admin,

    Everything working good 1.5.4.. mod and your file.. I accidentally made an item.. (magnum) and since then my game froze one won’t load.. is there a way to delete bag items in the files to delete that item? Or how would I go about this.

  75. Tengo un problema. En la versión 1.5.4 hay packs en la tienda que aparecen en cero, no las deja comprar. Y las monedas y puntos extra que utilices quedan en negativo. Por lo demás funciona de maravilla.

  76. can i craft now the Magnum ? last time i did the game stuck and couldnt restart it untill i used another accout so ? wht can we craft now ??

  77. Hello and thank you for all your work. Mod works great on my unrooted device. My personal save file backup loads fine with the mod too, very nice. Wasnt able to load the backup save i had downloaded from here with the previousr version that had an awesome base full of everything though, wasnt sure if it was something im doing wrong or if that save just doesnt work with the new version. Either way awesome job and thank you.

  78. Hello … thanks for your hard work. I love your work.thr global mod v1 was great. But i can you explain to me about the save data in mega mod v1?. I mean i’ve download it.but when i move the “file” from save data Chopper and ATV in mega mod v1 and replace it, i launch the game but i got stuck in loading. Can you explain how to install the save data? Thanks you very much

  79. The mod global V1 I installed it once and everything okay but then I did not open it closed and unload it again and it was still close I do?

  80. Im from the philippines and i realy appreciate what you are doing. Its just that thr save files are not loading properly.. sometimes it loads but the it just freeze on loading screen

  81. I really like what you are doing and i hope you continue updating the mods for “Last day on Earth”. It just that the saved file was not loading properly. And it just freeze on the loading screen.

  82. Hi I was wondering if anyone could help. I attempted to use the magnum having not seen the warning on this page and now my save has crashed. Is there anyway to fix this error without having to start over?

  83. sir thank you for this great work ,
    sir i have a problem i use vqs and i download it but when i try to use my save backup it’s stock at load screen
    so can you help me with that

    thank you in advance

  84. Thanks for the mod global v1 but there is one problem with the 999999 hp and heap of coin save as you crafted the assault outfit which cause stuck at loading screen second time.

  85. Mega mod 1.5.5 still using chinese language. Even if it says English on the language setting. And i used my own saved file from the 99level save, and it never work, always stuck at loading. Help me please. Thanks a lot

  86. Why global mod and mega mod are chinese? Global mod only should be…. and btw the global mod isnt working, mega mod works but its chinese.
    Ps. Thanks for the mods
    Pps. And for the hardwork also

  87. Hii there,
    All previous version works very well with no issue and thanks for that..:)
    This latest update doesn’t work it stuck on loading screen I downloaded 7 8 times form given but all time it stuck hope It will fix soon waiting for it..thanks a lot in advance

  88. Hey i get stocked in the loadingscreen :/
    I installed a few versions but im Stocked…a few hours a go i can play this Version but no it doesnt work…

  89. Hey, i played this game a few hours a go but now i stuck in lodingscreen :/
    I reinstalled it but it wouldnt work…
    I tried it with multiple versions of your mods :/
    Please help

  90. Hey admin you have not uploaded the mod v 1.5.5 correctly. They continuously saying new version of game available update it

  91. Hi, none of this mod are working please check it again. The 1.5.4 was really working, but the 1.5.5 are not working any link at all. Talking about Last day on earth.

  92. Please Update to version 1.5.5

    He ask for a update when i start the modded apk and i can’t play.

    Thanks for the good work;-)

    • You need Internet Explorer then u have to open it and extract the rar file then give internet explorer root permissions the u have to copy the lib to this path root/data/data/lastdayonearth.z/lib then you paste the lib there then hold click it and click on the dots on the top right corner and give the lib full permissions (the 3rd ones)

  93. None of them is working..2 apk is keeps giving error and says the game is keep stopping..other 2 has nothing to do with mod,its just like downloaded from Google play

  94. Please update ultra mod as it’s not installing, and after closing the game.. The game gets stuck on a Chinese commercial, kindly fox the issue..

  95. global v2 language is chinese can u fix it to english? but that mod is work for mydevice i waiting for 2 days thanks alot bro

  96. Anyone who is having trouble with loading the lvl 99 base with chopper and atv try force close app and rename file to start a new game. Reopen the game and when you choose a server pick server 5 and don’t continue previous save. Then force close game and rename the files file and try it again. May need to extract the lvl 99 base save file again of the previous save has been corrupted. Hope this helps.

  97. I am unable make the van everytime I craft it and try to build it a white box with a number 10 on it appears in place of the thing I crafted not the same with all of the things but some of them like the van and trip wire and mi6 helicopter and some other things can you give me a solution for it…. Please

    Im using funtouch os 3.6.1
    Android 6.0
    4GB ram

    • those things are not added in the game yet and if it wasn’t the free craft cheat we wouldn’t be able to craft them cause not all the materials required is available in the game yet

  98. Stuck in loading plus the language is Chinese not english can’t make it english please fix this..and keep up the good work

  99. Mod is working fine, but if there comes new update in real game how should I be able to update it. And other thing, everyones getting gas tank in alfa bunker but in mod I didnt get any. Plz help in that section.

  100. hi, today 26 august, you put in title 1.5.6 but I download it and said 1.5.5 , same name to old version, which is?’ thanks

  101. Hallow! i use your save data files it’s work fine on 1st time but after it’s struck in Loading Screen. please tell me how to fix this problem. thank you!

  102. Bro I am having problem installing mod v1 and tried other three mods but after installation the app doesn’t opens and once mod v1 opened but it was like the original APK in which I had to play like other players.

  103. all the versions in the above can’t work now since the new update v1.5.6 is released
    Although I can replace my backup folder from v1.5.5 to the new versionv1.5.6 ,
    the game seems can’t run

    Look forward to your new crack version!!!!!!!

  104. I have a problem with extra v1 I can’t install it also I have prob with global v3 I can’t open decoration mode but everything else works fine you doing an amazing work keep going!

  105. Mod works but with 1 small problem, it does not matter if its a zombie or a wolf or where any of them are one hit from them kills you.

  106. Update to 1.5.7
    There is a mod for 1.5.6 that comes with a nice base and he moves really fast, also has God mode if you can update that to 1.5.7 that would be great I love that mod.

  107. Im following the steps but nothing seems to be working. I follow them exactly how it is written up. Please someone help me. I really like this game but I also like playing with mods in it

  108. Hey admin. Please listen to me.
    My weapons and tools and armors durability gone to red in my storage. Please fix that. Make them blue again.
    And i really need magic-split. Please..

  109. First of all thank you for the work you put in to this hack but although I have a good saved game on this I want to try one of your saves but I can’t seem to get it to load at all, I habe tried maybe 10 times now with no luck, any advice would be appreciated

  110. Free shoping is not working, the rest of mod is working great in my unroot device. The mod in 1.5.6 is awesome, hope u can add magic split and damage hack for next update. Thank you

  111. Can You Admin please provide me to which filles are the wepons,blue prints,and coints .Can I replace the files above to keept my account as I have problems with saving to my google ac.Also stuck sometimes when booting up.Thank You Best Regards

  112. Can You Admin please provide me to which filles are the wepons,blue prints,and coints .Can I replace the files above to keept my account as I have problems with saving to my google ac.Also stuck sometimes when booting up.Thank You Best Regards

  113. Admin can you please provide me. Which file is the full box of wepon or extra coints.Can I replace files to keep my player account as issue with savings.Thank You

  114. Hi! I’ve been using your mod since the 1.5.3 version and I’m loving it. But the latest version of your mod won’t load. My phone is not rooted and I made sure that I downloaded the signed version of your mod where there is max durability and duplicate items.

    • Bro those items are not yet release so if u equip them the ur game data is gonna crash and u will loose ur save game …..and u can’t do anything after that u have to play again from beginning with a new game I’d

  115. The new mod for 1.5.7 won’t even load. And the other mod next to it is just too much. Max durability, yes. But the durability of items are just shit. All the items i’ve looted are just the same. Geez. I like the mod before where the durability is at half.

  116. Mod Fix 1
    it would give me the items from the store when i tryed to buy the gun packs and all the other stuff in there. Please tell me how to fix

  117. None of the mods supposed to provide item duplication are working.
    Pressing K on the mod fix one kill the application and the mod extra one won’t load (signed version).

  118. None of the moded apk with duplicate item are working.
    Pressing the K on the extra one lead to game shutting down and the mod fix one (signed version) is just no loading.

  119. Hi again admin..thanks for the fast response. I have trying the new fix, but i have a problem when pressing the K button, it not shows the mod but it froce close the game and the game restart over and over when i press it. can u do something with that issues, please. Thanks a lot for your hard work

  120. Bro, this page is so confusing. cancel useless things and explain better what are the best to donwload and what they exactl mean. Make it cleaner please.

  121. Mod patcher mega for v1.5.8 is so good❤.
    1) Just why does zombies health doesn’t get low.. When we have checked the option of gun damage 3000? Fix that we dont want zombies to have same health as ours… Thats why we are installing mods alright.
    2) A small request to you all mod makers please make a mod where weapons health never decreases.
    3) And yes in other mods detail you guys have written chopper and atv ready… But they are not… So stop fooling around.
    Thanks hope you guys will fix these problems!?

  122. Why i already do all the step but when i quit and clear recent app , and then i open the game always cant open, it says app error with chinese word blue background
    Pls help me asap!

  123. That k icon hack is not working as the previous version.. .. It takes too many tries and there is problem using it…. . .. You’r hack are too awesome but please fix this one fast… !!

  124. Hi! Why the K icon on your apk MOD PATHCER MEGA V1, always gone when I stopped the game, then when I came back it’s completely gone. I always need to backup my saved data then uninstall and install the mod apk before the K icon come back? Please I need to know where I need to click to pop-out the K icon. Hoping for your answer. Thank you so much!