Love is forbidden | offline v1.9.1 (Mod Apk)

Love is forbidden | offline

Love is forbidden | offline v1.9.1 (Mod Apk)

Forbidden love…
What to do if love is forbidden? Walls, barriers, obstacles… How to be?

Sophie is an 18-year-old freshman from hot Miami. Having moved to a dorm, based in Palo-Alto, she received the freedom she had dreamed of for so long…
Tired of studying, the girl can finally do whatever she wants! She, who dreamed of friends, relationships, boyfriends, finally gets it all!

Genres: Romance, Drama, Comedy, A bit of detective.
Location: USA, California, Palo Alto.

Love is forbidden | romance games, free story
Slogan: What to do if love is forbidden? Give up or fight?

Game works without internet, without wifi, without mobile data. Totally free. Also its low mb game, so it won’t take much space on your phone. It also has a support for old phones or slow phones.


Immerse yourself in the life of the main character, feel her experiences, joy, sadness and many other emotions!
Make choices that affect the plot! A huge number of storylines.
Your choice can change everything!
Make friends, form connections, go on dates, help friends and accept help!


10 reasons why our game is better than others:
1.Romantce Love Game✔
2.Works offline✔
3.Completely free storyline✔
4.No need to download anything✔
5.Free choices✔
6.Attractive characters✔
7.Friendship, love, romance, relationships, boyfriends✔
8.7 endings✔
9.Love triangle✔
10.Student life✔

There are many similar games on the Internet about love, romance relationships, love stories, and more. However, it is our game (story) about love and relationships that will definitely sink into your soul! Just give her a chance!


Some interesting facts about the game:
1. The game was created by a team of only 2 people.
2. The whole team communicated exclusively through the Internet.
3. It took 2 months to create the first version of the game.
4. The programming language which was used to create the game – Java.
5. Anderson University is fictional, as well as Mr. Anderson is.
6. Most of the facts mentioned in the game are real. For example, about Silicon Valley.
7. The events in the game take place from 2019 to 2020 in real time.
8. Original game language – Russian.
9. The only game on the market with absolutely no limiters.

A few words from the author:
-Thank you very much for spending time in our romantic game ‘Forbidden Love’. Making games like this is pretty hard, but at the same time fun. I was really motivated by your feedbacks for this game.

Special thanks to the testers. The game would not have turned out the way it is now without them.
All the characters are fictional. All matches are random.
© LonelyWolf

Love is forbidden | offline
Love is forbidden | offline
Love is forbidden | offline
Love is forbidden | offline
Love is forbidden | offline
Love is forbidden | offline

MOD Features*
1. Premium Unlocked (All chapters and ads-free)


Love is forbidden | offline v1.9.1 (Mod Apk) – MEGA NZ

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