Mad Town Online v1.0 (Mod Apk Money)

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Mad Town Online

Mad Town Online v1.0 (Mod Apk Money) Mad Town Online is a great open-source multiplayer shooter. At your disposal a large city, a huge selection of vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, helicopters, bicycles, trucks, etc. You can get any kind of job, from the cleaner to the policeman. With the money you earn, you can buy a house or an apartment, as the game has a large selection of real estate. If you decide to go to the criminal side, then you have a huge selection of weapons, ranging from pistols to grenade launchers. And also you can create your own gang and hire up to 6 fighters, with the help of them you can capture control points and get additional profits. You have the opportunity to buy weapons and body armor for your gang members to fight off enemy gangs. If you bought the best weapon, body armor and helmet, then you can try your luck and rob a bank, but be prepared to be repulsed by the local police, special forces and a helicopter that will circle you and fire at you. The game also has a storyline.

Story line:
The main character, Sonny, works as a pizza driver. His friend John sometimes performs some assignments from Emilio Ramos, the leader of the local Mexican gang. Then one day John gets one simple task, just need to move the car from one place to another. John offers Sonny to help him in this matter, especially the money in half and this time quite large. But half the way they stole a car and as it turns out, there was money in the trunk. From this point on, they are looking for ways to give the leader of the gang $ 200,000.

Game features:
– Single player game
– multiplayer game
– Big city
– more than 50 cars and motorcycles
– more than 30 characters
– any type of work
– more than 40 types of weapons
– helicopters
– the property
– gangs
– story line

Mad Town Online
Mad Town Online
Mad Town Online
Mad Town Online
Mad Town Online
Mad Town Online


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