Maze Escape – Dungeon Heroes RPG v1.0.5 Mod Apk

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Maze Escape - Dungeon Heroes RPG

Maze Escape – Dungeon Heroes RPG v1.0.5 Mod Apk Make your way through the maze in the ultimate RPG adventure! Kill monsters, explore new worlds and find incredible treasures. Go through with your team of heroes dungeons infested with demons, orcs and goblins. Raise your sword and escape from the dungeon in the best hack & slash role-playing game for mobile and tablet.

In Maze Escape, the action awaits you in every corner! Guide your heroes through half-hearted passages, fight battles against vampires and werewolves within their walls and find the key that opens the door to your freedom. Choose your class: Sorcerer, Warrior, Witch, Archer or Healer and equip yourself with the weapons and armor you find in each booty. Collect the pieces to craft your own equipment and become the most feared treasure hunter.

You can go through the dungeon and fight with each enemy to destroy them all, or you may prefer to dodge the monsters and sneak behind them. But beware, there are many hidden traps and other dangers such as lava, spikes or holes. You choose the path to follow! Annihilate goblins, orcs, skeletons, ogres, dragons, vampires … Be the best hunter in the dungeon in the best RPG for mobile and tablet.

Unlock new heroes with each adventure. Become a hunter and crush the goblins with your sword, explore the dungeons casting spells with your wizard, face epic bosses and release a rain of arrows with your elven archer. Go through the labyrinth passages and find runes to make your weapons and magic equipment, unlock new powers and upgrade your hero.

Take on evil bosses in epic battles for survival within the catacombs. Explore every corner of the thousands of passages inside the labyrinth and loot all the chests and tombs you find on your way. Find ancient runes and use them to enhance your magical power in each of the elements: Air, Water, Fire, Nature and Darkness.

Get new characters for your collection, each with unique powers and abilities. Improve armor and weapons and increase the statistics of your heroes: endurance, dexterity, strength … Beware! The enemy awaits you in every corner of the labyrinth! Get ready for the RPG adventure game of your life! And all with one finger! Move your warriors, wizards, archers with a single tap, fight battles and find the treasure hidden in the labyrinth.

Fight against tons of different and diversified enemies, while using hundreds of weapons and different items, such as swords, crossbows, potions, spells, axes, shields … Unlock incredible abilities like the Warrior Blade and crush the demons guarding the treasure of the dungeon. Use Super Speed ​​to dodge and attack enemies from behind. There are thousands of new skills to use in battle!

Enjoy epic adventures and unique challenges with just one hand. Mark the road and your heroes will follow you. Loot the dungeons during your adventure and get golden rewards, crystals of power and materials and then build your own runes, weapons and armor. Upgrade your heroes, upgrade them and face new challenges in the best RPG fantasy and adventure game.


– Hundreds of maps and unique and challenging dungeons.
– AI of greatly improved enemies.
– Exquisite soundtrack.
– Multitude of obstacles and traps.
– Levels of progressive difficulty: Easy to play, difficult to master.
– Checkpoints to save your progress in the maze.
– Magic potions that will make you extraordinary.
– Crafting and looting of weapons and armor.
– System of quests and rewards.
– Simple and intuitive controls. Control your heroes with a single finger.

Equip your heroes with the best weapons and armor and enter the dungeon, if you dare. You will never know what awaits you in each grotto of the labyrinth! The adventure begins, are you ready for the challenge?


Maze Escape - Dungeon Heroes RPG
Maze Escape - Dungeon Heroes RPG
Maze Escape - Dungeon Heroes RPG
Maze Escape - Dungeon Heroes RPG
Maze Escape - Dungeon Heroes RPG
Maze Escape - Dungeon Heroes RPG




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