Merge Forest – Sky Island Saga info

Merge Forest – Sky Island Saga GAME

Meet legendary fairy tale characters in the world of “Merge Forest – Sky Island Saga”. Through matching and merging, open up new islands, unlock unknown items, and come to a wonderful fairy tale journey exclusive to you!

In a mysterious world hidden among the clouds and mists, Sky Island was once a dreamy fairytale wonderland. Until the evil wolf wizard🧛‍♂️ ‍came and broke the tranquility of Sky Island, he used witchcraft to turn everyone into token crystals. Little Red Riding Hood👧 is safe and sound because of the merged magic power of the magician grandma.🧙‍♀️‍

You will follow in the footsteps of Little Red Riding Hood to reawaken everyone in Sky Island, save characters such as Snow White, the Mermaid, Cinderella and Pinocchio, and help Granny the Sorcerer fight the Wolf Wizard to prevent him from destroying Sky Island! You can rebuild Sky Island by merging three identical items into one new item, or five identical items into two new items!

Game Features:

✨Match items, merge and upgrade✨

– Everything can be merged! The magical merge magic allows you to merge🎈 all items and upgrade them into a better existence, helping you explore and rebuild the island.

– Use merge magic reasonably to save more fairy tale characters!

✨Decorate the room, have fun with friends✨

– Carpets, green plants, sofas, decorative paintings… Choose your favorite 🏮furniture and decorate your 🏡room as you like.

– Visit your friend’s room and steal his cake!

✨Classic fairy tale, beautiful Encounter✨

– With the continuous exploration of the new area of ​​Sky Island, after using the merge magic to meet more fairy tale🧚‍♀️ characters, what kind of stories do they hide?

– Unlock more uncharted areas along the way, rebuild and decorate Sky Island in an exciting adventure-merging fairy tale!

✨Delicious recipes, rich rewards✨

– Refer to the recipes to help the fairy tale characters cook delicious food and get rich rewards. See what everyone likes to eat!

– Dozens of delicious foods🍰 are waiting for you to cook.

✨Lots of activities and lots of fun✨

– When exploring in the Sky Island, you will get treasure🎁 chests, mine mines, and harvest new resources.

– Complete limited-time challenges to earn tons of rewards, unique magic items and cosmetics!

By judiciously arranging these resources, merging and upgrading them, Sky Island will be brought back to its former glory, eventually becoming an amazingly wonderful wonderland🎇 that your fairytale friends will cheer for!

This is a fun-packed merge game and casual game where you can merge everything!

Merge to build the fairytale wonderland of your dreams and save Sky Island, there’s no time to wait!

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