Milk Farm Tycoon v1.0.8 (Mod Apk)

Milk Farm Tycoon

Milk Farm Tycoon v1.0.8 (Mod Apk)

Welcome to Milk Farm Tycoon – a brand new idle tycoon game.

After spending his life on the milk farm, grandpa has called it quits due to an udderly saturated market. Lily is ready to take over the farm management for gramps and fulfill his big dream of building a milk empire!


Be the talk of the town as you establish your very own herd of cows! Remember: Cow is king! Purchase more cows, take care of them and harvest fresh raw milk.

Produce various dairy products
Make like cream and rise to the top as you purchase new production lines to create various dairy products: fresh milk, butter, cheese, chocolate milk, latte cream, ice-cream, yogurt and protein powder. Upgrade production lines to increase productivity and earn moooo-re cash.

Workers management
Hire workers to help you take care of your cows. Pro tip: happy cows are efficient cows! Promote top workers to manage and automate production lines. A wide variety of characters await, so get playing. You bring the cookies, we’ll bring the milk!

Enjoy this lactose free, idle milk farm simulator game!Milk Farm Tycoon
Milk Farm Tycoon
Milk Farm Tycoon
Milk Farm Tycoon
Milk Farm Tycoon

*MOD Features*
1. Menu
2. Unlimited Currency – Increase instead of decrease


Milk Farm Tycoon v1.0.8 (Mod Apk) – MEGA NZ

Milk Farm Tycoon v1.0.87 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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