Moe girl shooter v1.3.0 Mod Apk

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Moe girl shooter

Moe girl shooter v1.3.0 Mod Apk “Be serious and gentle (serious)! ”
A new RPG with a new sensation burning X Moe battle shooter appointed luxurious popular voice acting team appeared!
Become a teacher of the school and face the demons with the students!
Pretty girls full of personality are waiting for you!
◇ ◆ ◇ Story ◇ ◆ ◇
One day, the monster attacked world
There was nothing to make that power, people just flew away …
The only power to compete is girls called “magical”.
As a teacher, as commander, you were chosen to save the world!

【Game Outline】
■ □ New sensation! “Shoot down” type shooting game! □ ■
Easy one-handed operation, shoot down from the top of the screen down!
The original full-fledged shooting RPG appeared here, which has never existed!
Role-playing game Even for beginners and those who played many games,
It is a barrage STG (shooting game) with a heavy world view that can satisfy surely!

■ □ Do flashy battle action director □ ■
Moe girls protect each other on the field! Attack with a combination!
Drawing in full 3D Do flashy action Battle director and refreshing sensation with Special Moves skill MAX!
When friends girls are destroyed, they also get angry or sad

■ □ The relationship between girls changes! □ ■
By admitting each other, girls get stronger and stronger!
New system with girls’ relationships changing!

■ □ Moe School Mode □ ■
Story mode also enriched! Pretty little girls move about and walk around the school while talking.
If you can play an active part, you will be delighted, you will be late if you get tired,
I had a relaxing time with my good friends
Sometimes, you may come to consult with your troubles of romance …

■ □ Dress up fashionably! □ ■
Chia girls, maids, shrine maidens and school waters can be dressed in various costumes!
A charming moe-style costume that matches the individuality of girls appears one after another!
There are plenty of cute weapons and equipment to tickle girls’ mind too!
Change your costume and become strong and cute!
If you are a friend of girls, you can lend and borrow costumes!

▼ △ cute dress up costume dress up △ ▼
Cheer Girl / Suku Water / Maid / Dress / Pajamas / Sailor suit / Jersey / Maiden etc etc …
Let’s change your favorite pretty girl with a cute costume!

■ □ Become strong with training training □
A lot of different kinds of training! Grow up and power up girls!
Attach a friend’s friend to support, strengthen by training!
Cultivate your favorite characters and challenge strong monsters!

▼ △ luxurious popular voice actors join △ ▼

Akasaka Satomi Aki Kana Yasushi Takayoshi
Masashi Ito Kamie Itsaka Sumire Uchida Wataru
Kotobuki Koiii Yuko Goto Yoshiko Sato
Miyuki Sawashiro Yumiko Sanibo Yi Yi Takahashi
Tange Sakura Amumakura Ami Hayami Award
Yoko Higaka Riki Hidaka Mai Fuchigami Mai
Horie Yui Matsui Eriko Mahay Ariji

◇ ◆ ◇ Maja ー ー ー ー ー ル !!! Game introduction! ◇ ◆ ◇
■ □ Battle rules are simple! Shoot and shoot and shoot!
Team formation of up to five people! Take a Moe baseball girl to a battle with a monster!
Easy operation! Move a character by swiping! Evasion is easy with auto!
Carry out the quest and regain world peace!

■ □ Challenge monsters with optimal formation!
When it is difficult to capture the quest in the story, let’s organize the best formation formation!
There are “center”, “avant-garde” and “rear guard” in battle formation.
Because there is “character skill” for each student, consider the optimal placement and let’s destroy powerful demons!

■ □ Strengthen students with training training!
Training costumes are available from gacha and quest rewards.
Let’s raise the student’s status by training and training.

■ □ Let’s raise friends level with students!
“Friendly event” occurs when certain conditions are satisfied.
Increase your friendship level and cooperate during the battle, or combat attacks possible!
You can also lend and borrow costumes among girls.

■ □ Let’s get cute girls and strong weapons with Magic Quartz!
When clearing the quest or winning in the battle with the boss “Magic Quartz” can be got.
Let’s use Magic Quartz, get rare rare students and costumes and weapons that you do not usually get!

◇ ◆ ◇ Basic play is free ◇ ◆ ◇
※ This application is basically free playable, but there are some paid items.


Weaken the enemy


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