Newtro Fighter v1.0.9.1 (Mod Apk)

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Newtro Fighter

Newtro Fighter v1.0.9.1 (Mod Apk) ▶ Features

① A well-rounded mode system including Story and Arena modes
② A thorough leveling system that enables you to level your Heroes as well as their skills
③ A unique skill system that facilitates custom skill combinations

▶ Modes

① Story: Help the escaped lab test subjects learn who they really are.
② Daily Boss: Collect different Leveling materials on different days.
③ Challenge Mode: Get Marks for your equipment.
④ Clone Tower: Get Refine Stones for gear upgrades.
⑤ Arena: Fight and get various rewards in a new arena every week.
⑥ Dimensional Maze: Will be available soon.

▶ Leveling

① Heroes: Gear them up with items and skills that best suit your strategy.
② Gear: Fuse it with Marks and increase its Level to get the best options possible.
③ Skills: Combine and level up skills to create unique strategies.

▶ World Concept

In the not too distant future,
every mystery has been solved,
leaving the world void of questions.
It’s a world where nothing is mysterious, with no room for doubt.
But can a world like this exist?
And why won’t its people stop fighting?

▶ Instar :
Newtro Fighter
Newtro Fighter
Newtro Fighter
Newtro Fighter
Newtro Fighter
Newtro Fighter

1 Enemy per Wave (PvE)


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