Noblesse Zero RPG with NAVER WEBTOON Kr v1.59.5 (Mod Apk)

Noblesse Zero RPG with NAVER WEBTOON Kr

Noblesse Zero RPG with NAVER WEBTOON Kr v1.59.5 (Mod Apk) Noblesse’s vast story easier and faster!
Godgame of idle RPG!!

★Each of this adventure now?! ★

◆ Pay just by connecting to a road-level fellow
◆ Road-class worldview strongest [Raiser] paid
◆ Continuous rewards with special guerrilla events
◆ ZERO growth stress with event dungeon
◆ Log in-Just participate in the event
We give you everything from UR to Awakening Soul Weapon!
◆ All-time rewards are poured just by connecting!

★ Special Update ★

1) Clan Raid-If you unite, you will wake up!

2) New Companion-Aristocrat’s romanticist Karius appeared!
[Noblesse:ZERO new companion update]
Noblesse World View Choi Aeka’Razak’ Update!
New character update!

3) Boost UP with special event!!

4) Soul Weapon Awakening Update

5) Wanted Raid Match
[Special UPDATE Boss Battle’Most Wanted’]
-Get special updates and special benefits and start a strong adventure!

Not a simple neglect, idle game
The story and splendid direction of the original Noblesse
Feel it!

6) Franken Research Institute opened & Dimensional Store
[Dimensional Store / Franken Research Institute] updated for easier and faster growth!
Anyone can easily cultivate Noblesse’s best love!

[Noblesse:ZERO BIG Update]
Everyone grows fast! Opportunity to become stronger
Franken Institute UPDATE
Get a powerful buff!
The dimension store update makes it easier to recruit new colleagues.

Official channel
-Official cafe
-Official page

Naver webtoon NO.1 Noblesse!
A solid webtoon proven with 2.4 billion views!
Finally born as the first idle RPG!

# Take the event of reaching 500,000 in advance reservation♬
From the 5-star M-21, the first place in pre-voting!
Even the big diamond and the summons ticket
I give it all!

# Same but different story
New stories unfold with the original Noblesse!
ZERO’s own webtoon animation that appears as it gets stronger!
-Meet a new story and your very own Choi Ae-Ke!

# Brilliant battle powerful skills
Gorgeous skill effects appearing from the original Noblesse!
When the favorite characters use their skills, they create a special’exciting’!
-Strong characters’ webtoon skill scene directing!

# Convenient battle and training
No no no going to work all day!
Meet powerful pleasure through convenient combat and quick training!
-Fast-growing, intense but easy and convenient content! Enhancing the dignity of an idle RPG!

# All Noblesse characters appear!
All the favorite characters from the webtoon [Noblesse] of the 12-year long-run legend appear!
Look forward to the new HERO through the update!

# Follow Agent Han Shin-Woo to face the Dark Chromebell!
Peace has come after the battle with Krombell…
But that peace won’t last long…
Protect the worldview of [Noblesse] with Shinwoo Han who became an agent!

Inquiries and Report Errors
-For inquiries and error reports, contact (write after executing the link)
-We will respond quickly after receiving your inquiry.

※ Developer Contact: 1507, Kolon Digital Billant, 222-7, Guro 3-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul
※ Caution: If you delete the game or change the device, the data in the game may be deleted.

Ⓒ ANDROMEDA GAMES Co. Ltd. All rights reserved.
Developer Contact: 070-5167-6006
Customer Center 02-6434-0028
Developer Contact:
Customer Center 02-6434-0028노블레스 : 제로 - 방치형RPG with NAVER WEBTOON
노블레스 : 제로 - 방치형RPG with NAVER WEBTOON
노블레스 : 제로 - 방치형RPG with NAVER WEBTOON
노블레스 : 제로 - 방치형RPG with NAVER WEBTOON
노블레스 : 제로 - 방치형RPG with NAVER WEBTOON
노블레스 : 제로 - 방치형RPG with NAVER WEBTOON

1. Higher Statbonus for Player Lvl (Atk/HP)
2. High XP gain
3. High Money gain (gym idk the correct name)


Noblesse Zero RPG with NAVER WEBTOON Kr v1.59.5 (Mod Apk) – ZIPPYSHARE

Noblesse Zero RPG with NAVER WEBTOON Kr v1.59.5 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK


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