Nobunaga 20XX v2.017.000 Mod Apk

Nobunaga 201X

Nobunaga 201X v2.017.000 Mod Apk Resurrected in contemporary “Nobunaga no Yabou”
The latest stage for the long-awaited smartphone, how modern!
That “Nobunaga no Yabou” will be the RPG and it will revive to Japan in 201X!

◆ ◆ With modern weapon, Sengoku Commander is a big success! ◆ ◆
Nobunaga Oda will release the rifle, and Mika Sunaga shoots enemies with a sniper rifle!
Confront with a modern weapon to the sudden appearing haunted!

◆ ◆ Enjoy deep battle! 3 × 3 formation battle ◆ ◆
Slide the battle commanders to form a formation and attack enemies!
Various skills and combination techniques are invoked by arranging military commanders
Using contemporary weapons, you can also fold in one go!

◆ ◆ Acquire new sponsors, weapons! ◆ ◆
Depending on the player’s activity level, you can earn various rewards such as items and modern weapons
Leaving outstanding achievements, special sponsors also appear!

On that day, there was a hole in Kyoto –
Heterogeneous “ghosts” who overflowed out of the hole invaded one after another in the surrounding area.
The dominated land of the devil was covered with the distortion of the space, even people could not even step into it.
And, the interior was transformed into Japan of the Warring States era in surprising way … …

To fulfill this unprecedented situation, the government called up people with “aptitude” from across the country,
Established an extraordinary organization “Special Liberation Organization” for recapture of the controlling area.

Players who are descendants of Yin Yang teacher participate in the Special Liberation Organization as a member of the agent,
It will be ordered to recapture Kyoto, and to release the magic spots distributed throughout the country.

During the battle, I contacted a certain warring country commander.
After negotiations, they succeeded in getting their cooperation, and then act together.

Now, a strange and unexpected joint operation by modern citizen and Sengoku commander is about to begin.
Everything is to return Japan to the present state and the Sengoku –

* Sorrow (UMA) …. Unconfirmed unidentified life forms

【Compatible models】
Android 4.0 or higher (excluding some models)

【Inquiry form】

1. Please understand beforehand that it will be out of support for operation other than supported OS version.
2. Depending on usage situation, operation may be unstable even for compatible models.
3. Regarding supported OS version, even if it states “AndroidXXX or higher”, it does not necessarily correspond to the latest version.

【Service Provider】

信長の野望 201X
信長の野望 201X
信長の野望 201X
信長の野望 201X
信長の野望 201X
信長の野望 201X

Mod Menu
>Weak Enemy
>One Hit Kill


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