Othellonia Tw v7.0.1 (Mod Apk)

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Othellonia Tw

Othellonia Tw v7.0.1 (Mod Apk) Black and white chess is easy to use.
The battleplay featuring black and white chess is easy to use, and combines the cards of three races to create a new game of Othellona! Using the skill characteristics of the character chess player, playing Combo serial attack in the game of the game, reversing the battle, becoming the strongest duel king!

The mythical war classic reappears
The background of the story is divided into three major races: “God”, “Magic” and “Dragon”. Each race’s pawns have different characteristics. The Protoss has a lot of blood, blood and blood, and has more than one hit. The effect of the battle damage feature, while the Mozu has more abnormal state of attack and blocking ability, as well as continuous poison damage, although the overall blood volume of the Dragon is the lowest among the three tribes, but with the most powerful attack ability, you can rely on Combo Attack power plus multiply the biggest blood damage.

The monthly class battle starts on time. The custom contest calls for friends.
Each month, players can use their location information to easily compete with nearby friends. They also “automatically pair” with players across the country and look for players with similar strengths to carry out a class-raising “class matching.” All players can use their strength and play to carry out the most intense real-time battle! In the class war, step by step, all the victories are in their own hands, I am the real duel king, the heights are not cold!

Including thousands of cards, chess cards, beautiful character settings
More than a thousand Japanese exquisite styles of chess cards, evolution, degeneration to show the role of different appearances and skills, reverse the Oscaronia world once! You, or what are you waiting for, come and join us!逆轉奧賽羅尼亞

1.) Always win

Install Steps:

  • uninstall original game, Install modded apk & play
  • uninstall GG or memory editing tool first


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