Penguin Rescue: 2 Player Co-op info

Penguin Rescue: 2 Player Co-op GAME

The 2 player co-op game about penguin brothers of Freds try to rescue each other only using one rope and collect fish bread along the way. The little penguin brothers cannot swim or climb. They can only jump and helping each other with the rope.

Control Penguins – Help them survive, jump and walk step to step on icy floes, collect a lot of fish cookies, hat, accessories, and pants, with one simple control.

Play Together – Play with your friend, brother, or partner locally and have fun with this 2 player coop feature

Customize your penguins – You can collect as many as fish bread while jumping and crossing icy floes. Fish bread can be traded with hats and accessories. Customize your penguins brother to become the cutest one!

This 2 player coop game will train your focus, precision, and coordination with your friend. Unleash the power of local multiplayer on one device / one phone / one tablet, and bring the fun to the party!

Disclaimer: this multiplayer game can ruin friendships!

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