Phantom Of Kill Korean v3.0.0 Mod Apk

Phantom Of Kill Korean

Phantom Of Kill Korean v3.0.0 Mod Apk Game Features

▶ Add the ground side
The fate of fellow galrinda with their choice!
Experience the extreme difficulty of SRPG!
LA against a force of evil strategies to penetrate the dense ground!

▶ enjoy authentic strategy RPG with one hand
Meet the easy game play and deep strategy

▶ together with a variety of unique characters, colorful story deeply in
Inspiring quest mode with more than 100 characters per story mode
Epic story that is complete with a variety of events

▶ Aim for the ultimate seat of! Thrilling PVP mode
The Colosseum in Rome to check the strength of your deck, multi-player mode
Build the ultimate victory challenge to obtain title

▶ classes other high-quality illustrations
The souls of Japan’s leading character illustration illustration Photographer contained

▶ All Characters full voice support
Luxury acting of famous Japanese actor

▶ High-quality animation
Participation of Japanese animation master Mamoru Oshii director

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Privacy Statement

Terms of Use

Permissions settings related
Phantom of deokil requires the following authorization.
Equipment account Search permission is used for obtaining a Google Account on Android 6.0 and earlier models.
Writable memory, which is used to download resources.

팬텀 오브 더 킬
팬텀 오브 더 킬
팬텀 오브 더 킬
팬텀 오브 더 킬
팬텀 오브 더 킬
팬텀 오브 더 킬

1.) massive dmg (BGM slider)
2.) enemy low dmg (SE slider)
3.) 1-hit kill (Voice max)

1.) BGM greater, your atk greater. when BGM is 0, you get normal atk.
2.) SE is 0, enemy deals 1 dmg. Max SE means enemy normal atk.
3.) this game has IP restriction, or at least I can’t even play it. Use VPN unless you live in the areas where they allow you to play

Install Steps:
1.) install mod
2.) play


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