Poitto Hero v1.0.3 Mod Apk

波伊托英雄 - Poitto Hero

Poitto Hero v1.0.3 Mod Apk [Hero] is a poetto a finger operation, you can put the skills readily drag, four people to work together to carry on fighting Combo stacked together, so that tower defense is no longer a purely defensive towers RPG strategy game! In this game, you can easily play, mental and physical play, and play with friends, how to play how to play!
All your hero will be a key player in the game to take advantage of domestic demand, good read each hero skills, attributes, you will be able to get a great gaming experience fun Oh!
▼ dragging a finger, fighting easy to get started
Who tower defense must hand in hand, now you can feel free to drag a hand to cast the role of skills, relaxed fighting
Allows you to achieve single-handedly play the game in one hand and perform other fun.

▼ four people to work together to fight, make up the strongest team together
BOSS struck a huge, powerful destructive power swept,
How station flash trick, what the timing point cast skills, your strategy and teammates concerted cooperation will be an important key to the victory! Fast were fighting through exclusive, guild, shout Summoner around the world, together form the strongest team beat the huge BOSS!

▼ various types of BOSS, 3D map points test your strategy
Whether flying in the sky, crawling on the ground, the age of dinosaurs dragon who can only challenge a direction from the onslaught of monster have become obsolete! Unique 3D map levels, monsters will be from top to bottom, left to right door in all directions in different world poured, make good use of the heroes have different skills, make up the strongest team to challenge it!

▼ unique numerical lucky play, hidden in the chest has been speaking of
Fortunately, the first unique value play, every hero owned Fortunately, the value addition and other teammates higher up, the more chance to hit in the chest hidden levels!
Strengthening, evolution hero, Fortunately, the value will gradually heightening Oh!
Trying to make your heroes grow it!

According to game software hierarchical management approach, this software, supplemented by 12: people over 12 years old may only use.
Customer Service Center: https: //www.is520.com/service.html

波伊托英雄 - Poitto Hero
波伊托英雄 - Poitto Hero
波伊托英雄 - Poitto Hero
波伊托英雄 - Poitto Hero
波伊托英雄 - Poitto Hero
波伊托英雄 - Poitto Hero

Weaken the enemy


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