Popcorn Chef v2.0.26 Mod Apk

Popcorn Chef

Popcorn Chef v2.0.26 Mod Apk , the funniest and most extreme popcorn cooking simulator!

• Original addictive gameplay!
• Simplistic and minimalist game design!
• Easy to learn, fun to master!
• Different types of popcorn!
• 30 different challenging cooking pots, unlocked as you gain higher scores!
• Endless replayability!
• Realistic sound effects!
• family-friendly

This is the game that will have you craving for a real pot of popcorn every time you play!

• Clarification regarding required permissions when you run Popcorn Chef for the first time:

– Allow Popcorn Chef to make and manage phone calls?
This is required to get the phone’s unique device identifier which is used to encrypt game data to deter cheaters and keep the leader boards legit. Popcorn Chef will not make any calls!

– Allow Popcorn Chef to access photos, media, and files on your device?
Required for 2 reasons, to cache video ads so they will load faster and to save a screen shot of the game to the phone’s storage when you press the share button so you can post it anywhere you choose later on. Popcorn Chef does not access anything other than video ads and the saved game screen shot!

Popcorn Chef
Popcorn Chef
Popcorn Chef
Popcorn Chef
Popcorn Chef
Popcorn Chef

Sufficient currency usage does not decrease but increases.


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