Princess Wolf v5.3.4 Mod Apk

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Princess Wolf

Princess Wolf v5.3.4 Mod Apk Subdue events taking place! Get a cute limited UR to defeat ingredients monster! ? Up to 6/9!
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Guild battle as well, to enjoy in the shooting and defense game is also one of the app is only “wolf princess”! !
Turn-based guild battle of the brackets cute characters packed RPG !!

Crisis of world destruction!? Wolf princess large runaway !!
Along with the Grand Master, escape protect the wolf princess!
The hidden truth in the words of the “wolf princess”? Full story of the unexpected expansion !!

[Start dash for gifts during the increasing! ]

Wolf Princess game introduction

Continent Eden floating in the sky. KamiTatsuki Sephiroth towering through the center.
The five countries in and around Markt kingdom is spread so as to surround the base of the Sephiroth is called the six kingdom together, was followed by a day-to-day peaceful.
Markt kingdom of the princess called “wolf princess” among such is come to an end in peace –

■ cooperation with the fellow, enemy defeated! “Guild Battle”
– Up to 20 people versus 20 people in the turn-based battle!
– belong to the guild to organize the Corps! “Attack”, “defense”, “HP”, or is up to you to focus on how!
Guild members and by making full use of the “mystery” and support will Susumeyo advantageously battle!
Guild only yourself can be used “mana”, shared by the entire guild “Girumana”, there is a “GP” to be used to mystery! While watching the movement of the allies, let’s use effectively!
Guild members and stamp strategy meeting in a chat using the!

■ distinctive unit us
· Fight fellow “unit” with the princess is available in the Gacha and events! Ahito and spirits, mechanical and Asmodian, God group to the various units available!

■ defeat the looming enemy, protect the princess! “Story Quest”
· Princess escort at the forefront perform covering fire as “Knights” trying to organize the Knights a composed of “Slayer!”

Nights are the differences between the attack range by the unit, the attack automatically when the enemy enters the attack range! Defense force is high, try to put a wide escort-facing unit of attack range!
Knights of the leader can use the deathblow! The type and activation conditions of Its Special Move is different for each unit!
Slayer is strike a powerful shot as the store if Tamere the Mana!
Slayer is shoot shot 3 attack in the volley, “Rush”, to attack through the enemy “Penetoreito”, be sure to hit the enemy wide by a unit such as “homing” variety!

■ compatibility is important!
Quest, the guild battle there are four attributes of the “strike”, “range”, “technical”, “heel”!
Strike is strong in range,
Range is strong in technical,
Technical is strong to strike!
Heel is about to put a minimum of one person in quest of the Knights They will recover HP!
Guild Battle Corps attribute of is determined by the most common attribute! GP consumed in the range of movement and mystery by attributes are also trying to note that different!

■ unit training
Unit can be grown in the use of reinforcement material in addition to the quest!
And strengthening material can be collected in a “miniature garden”! Trying to get the rare material to raise the level of “miniature garden”!
– Breaking the Limit repeatedly the same unit! Special Moves up level upper limit is even more powerful!
– Breaking the Limit is also possible to use a “Medal”! More available it is difficult unit is trying to strengthen in the Medal!

■ CV
Water was pray, Yukari Tamura, Chiwa Saito, Saori Hayami, Yui Ogura, Yuichiro Umehara, Takuma Nagatsuka, Toshiki Masuda, Sakurai Toru, Aya Suzaki, Ai Kakuma, Akari Uehara, Haruka Yoshimura, Shinya Takahashi, Ryuichi Kijima, Satoshiaki Takahashi , Aiko Okubo, Yukiyo Fujii, Haruka Terui, Erina Kamiya (Kamen Joshi), Sayuri Furukawa, Go ☆ jazz

■ official site
During the game video publishing!

■ teach the capture way! Play articles of the wolf princess is here.

■ experience the actual playing screen! Game play-by-play by Go ☆ Jas videos here

■ recommended specs
OS: Android OS 4.2 or later
Memory (RAM): 2GB or more
※ Memory (RAM): terminal of less than 1.5GB because of unstable operation, will be non-compliant.

オオカミ姫 [ みんなで協力 ターン制ギルドバトルRPG ]
オオカミ姫 [ みんなで協力 ターン制ギルドバトルRPG ]
オオカミ姫 [ みんなで協力 ターン制ギルドバトルRPG ]
オオカミ姫 [ みんなで協力 ターン制ギルドバトルRPG ]
オオカミ姫 [ みんなで協力 ターン制ギルドバトルRPG ]

weak enemy


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