Q & A RPG Magician with Black Wits v4.9.5 Mod Apk

Q & A RPG Magician with Black Wits

Q & A RPG Magician with Black Wits v4.9.5 Mod Apk “Q & A RPG Enchantment with Black Cat Viz” on 12/23 officially announced cooperation with the Kaohsiung Municipal Government and the Kaohsiung MRT cooperation, 12/24 launch of the high-Jie girls cooperation level! Girls are guided to make magic and Weiss in Kaohsiung adventure, explore the beauty and food !! Do not hesitate to go !!

“Q & A RPG magic to make with the black cat Vitz” is 2015 So-net to enter the hand travel market puzzle quiz RPG game! By the Japanese well-known mobile games company COLOPL, Inc production, the cumulative global total of 35 million downloads, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao more than 1.2 million. Super fun quiz adventure, and the national players with wits, is a universal game for all ages! .

Free download, ultra-simple login operation plus a complete game teaching, to first-class magic to make the target, and Wei Zi together to open the wisdom of the adventure world! .

The door of wisdom
Is linked to 108 outsiders of the whole ring
The door follows the truth and opens
Specifically to show its mysterious power
This power is called magic
And call the door to open the door of wisdom – magic to
In the world of magic and everyday life
A new magic to make the adventure story unfolds

【game introduction】
“Q & A RPG Magic and Black Witz” is the use of summon elves and the correct answer to fight the “puzzle quiz type RPG”, the game background in the use of magical fantasy space, the player plays the magic to make, in the vast world Together with the Black Cat Viz, a fantastic adventure story with the aim of becoming a top-class magic!

‧Game basic introduction
“Arts”, “Science”, “Science and Technology”, “Animation and Game”, “Sports” and “Life Tips” for the players to choose the correct answer will wake the sleeping wizard, give the enemy blow!

‧ In the localization of funny funny question bank
From the local operations team carefully planned, in line with Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao’s super-interesting topics, to ensure that you put it down! Four topics, sorting, picture questions … and other rich questions, subvert your gaming experience!

‧Enhancement and evolution of elves
400+ types, more than 2,000 super-elves will be enhanced and evolved to show the player’s presence, the elves have “answer skills” and “kill skills”, how to produce the most suitable for your team, or through evolution Produce the invincible team, the same test the wisdom of the players yo!

‧ The wisdom of the national players duel
Equipped with online and other players wits of the system – “National Competition” and “Magic Guide Cup.”
And the country’s players with Q & A duel, compete for ranking to get high reward and Mo Dao disabilities, and constantly improve themselves and other players under a higher it!

‧ Play games with your friends
The “Gate Defender” is a new collaborative model. The game is played from time to time. In the game, players can become friends with each other and help each other.

Fans will be released from time to time game Raiders and good activities ~ immediately to the fans by praise it !!

Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/SonetWiz

Customer Service: quizwiz@so-net.net.tw

問答RPG 魔法使與黑貓維茲
問答RPG 魔法使與黑貓維茲
問答RPG 魔法使與黑貓維茲
問答RPG 魔法使與黑貓維茲
問答RPG 魔法使與黑貓維茲
問答RPG 魔法使與黑貓維茲

menu mod
>Instantly Win Battle (may not grant 3* completion on some stages)


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