Raid & Rush v1.1.27 (Mod Apk)

Raid & Rush

Raid & Rush v1.1.27 (Mod Apk) Embark on an epic journey with RAID & RUSH! Assemble your squad, fight orcs, dragons, and other enemies in battle! Protect your cart with gold!


Get stars and coins for completing levels. The more gold you can save in the cart, the more stars you can collect! You get chests with new characters, skills and weapons for the earned stars. Use your reward to improve your squad to better reflect the attacks on your gold in the future battles. If you haven’t completed the level with maximum 3 stars the first time – no worries, you always have the opportunity to return to this level again and earn the remaining reward!


Take part in battles with other players! Position your heroes according to their skills and strength and go into battle! Try to protect your gold to the maximum and plunder your opponent’s gold. If you succeed, you will earn stars and increase your rating. The higher the rating, the better the League! Earn 100 arena rating points and get a chest where you will find new heroes and skills. Climb to the top of the players rating!


The red hot-air balloon appears several times a day in the game and carries a lot of interesting things inside. Click on it and you will find yourself in a new location. Here you are already a gold robber! Properly arrange your fighters to repel the attack of the enemies attacking you. Try to fight off all opponents and make as much gold as possible. Earn all stars and get rewarded!


· unlock all the heroes with their unique skills and abilities;
· upgrade each hero – unlock all 5 skins;
· train your heroes – this will increase their strength and health;
· open new interesting locations and go through level after level;
· play and win in PvP and PvE modes;
· chat with other players;
· complete daily tasks and earn extra coins and stars;
· don’t forget to open gifts – there you will find a reward: coins, crystals and chests.

RAID & RUSH is an adventure game with a user-friendly interface and beautiful graphics, where you can fully enjoy the gameplay. Download and play now for free!
Raid & Rush
Raid & Rush
Raid & Rush
Raid & Rush
Raid & Rush
Raid & Rush


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