Run Clash v0.7 (Mod Apk Money)

Run Clash

Run Clash v0.7 (Mod Apk Money) An epic survival race! The adventure race will keep you focused and your best till the end! Racing, Clash and Win! 🏆

Mysterious race
Start running alone 🏃‍♂️ and gather everyone on the road to gather a crowd. Lead your team through all kinds of moving, spinning, 🌪️ and expanding obstacles 😈. Calculate your steps on the road and save as many members of the crowd as possible.
Experience full parkour experience with hundreds of unique levels.
Race with others, achieve levels , unlock new characters.
Every level brings a new unique fun experience.
Very easy to play.
Hold to run, release to stop.
Do you have what it takes to reach to end?

How to play
Lead the crowd until you reach the castle at the end of the level. Crush your opponents in the ultimate battle 😬 and capture the fortress!
Run Clash
Run Clash
Run Clash
Run Clash


Run Clash v0.7 (Mod Apk Money) – DRIVE LINK

Run Clash v0.7 (Mod Apk Money) – FILE LINK

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