Serencia Saga: Dragon nest v2.3.0 Mod Apk

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Serencia Saga: Dragon nest

Serencia Saga: Dragon nest v2.3.0 Mod Apk PC online game “Dragon Nest” is the smartphone!
Finally appeared as the first series of Smartphone action RPG!

◆ ◇ exhilarating action Battle × fantasy RPG is now!
Along with the gathering Shi fellow super-sized boss, the dragons Ute!
Sakkuri in the portrait position, thoroughly enjoy exhilarating 3D action RPG in held horizontally

◆ ◇: The “selenium shear Saga Dragon Nest” (Seresaga)?
Skills triggered by a combination of attack! Of exhilaration, action game
– “held vertically / held horizontally” freedom! It does not choose the play location, hunting game

• In the “town” in the “guild”! Waiwai speak, real-time chat system installed
– a defined resisting against fate, royal road fantasy story

■ Kimero flashy exhilarating action with a combination of attack!
– invoke the skills in a combination of “normal attack / special attack / avoidance”
Combo and by making full use of the skills, Tamero the deathblow gauge!
– is prepared for each character the case experience a variety of skills!

■ with fellow Shi gathered in Serenshia stand up to the super-sized boss!
– Deca too! Appearance ultra-large boss are many that do not fit projected on the screen!
· Force press not just! Kimero to technical eyeing such as site-destruction!
· Gathering and and his friends, play with up to four people united front! Multiplayer equipped

■ royal road fantasy story! Rich content to enjoy even alone!
– gorgeous voice actors played attractive and unique characters who
– in accordance with the provisions was fate, hero line out the test, see what before the evil dragon? !
– Multiplayer is not just! Enjoy alone content is packed!

■ equipment from items that were collected also can make! Character of appearance changes in equipment and costumes!
Of-character appearance is customizable! Coordinated character to their liking
• The items obtained from the ultra-large boss collected Tsukuriagero a strong equipment!
– the strongest equipment is equipped with production! ? This means that anyone … by multiplying the time?

[Seresaga recommended for those who like]
– like the flashy action game with exhilaration! RPG like!
· It past the monster of the attack want to enjoy the hunting action poke the gap of the moment
· MMORPG love, I want involved in real-time and a large number of people
– Anyway, in the chat you want to enjoy Wai Wai and communication
· Royal road to enjoy the world of fantasy
– feel the elation that confront a fellow in a huge boss!
– like hunting game to make the equipment to collect the item defeat the monster
– in cooperation with the fellow like a MMO want to enjoy the monster hunt
Weak equipment defeat the formidable enemy in! Any way you want How to Play, such as try the player skills!

◆ ◇ talented artists participated!
Theme song: “LIT” (Koda Kumi)
And Koda Kumi
Born in Kyoto. Debut at the 2000 “TAKE BACK”. After that lays a number of hit songs.
One and only artist from high live performance skills are described as Queen of live.

◆ ◇ charming character voice by gorgeous voice actors!
Blake (CV: Yuki Kaji)
· Chiruderia (CV: Kana Asumi)
Croix (CV: Daisuke Namikawa)
· Sorishia (CV: Ami Koshimizu)
Megami file Luminous (CV: Miyuki Sawajo)
· Aruzenta (CV: Atsuko Tanaka)
· Tatiana (CV: Rie Kugimiya)
Irene (CV: Rei Matsuzaki)
And many others

■ mistaken easy word
Serenshiasaga / Serre cyan Saga / Sereshiansaga / Dragon next
■ app price
Apps body: the basic free-to-play (free-to-play type)
■ Recommended terminal
Android 4.1 or later, of the mounting more RAM 2GB smartphone, and tablet terminal


{.1.} – Damage x10
{.2.} – God Mode

How to install
Install original let it download data and bypass some first tutorial and log in google play account then install mod


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