Shinobi Nightmare v1.14.2 Mod Apk

Shinobi Nightmare

Shinobi Nightmare v1.14.2 Mod Apk

Large updates implementation! !

■ □ battle system large renovation! Add a variety of new features! □ ■
■ □ full use of personality stand out samurai, case cull Mononoke! □ ■

▼ luxury creators team is gathered, including the Mr. Joe Hisaishi! ▼
Of full orchestra, which represents a magnificent view of the world of this work
Main theme music greats, Mr. Yuzuru Joe is responsible for!
Besides, Keitaro Mr. Motonaga of OP animation director,
Such as the theme song production Elements Garden
Gorgeous creator team is color in gorgeous the game!

▼ case topped the field of gimmick-packed! ▼
The 3D field that becomes the stage of the adventure,
A variety of tricks and traps packed!
Aim for the goal of the deepest part to overcome them!

▼ defeat the enemy by making full use of the “Samurai” of the old! ▼
Kunoichi it will summon the warrior “samurai” of old,
Wage a hit come “Mononoke” us and fight!
Ya took advantage of the opponent’s weakness “pursuit”, to invoke the “all-out attack”,
Enjoy the flashy battle with high strategic!

▼ concept is “animation xRPG”! Gorgeous actors are enthusiastic performance! ▼
Of Kunoichi to confront the harsh fate
Girls of I VITELLONI drama is deployed in full voice!
As if I was looking the TV anime
Enjoy the story, deepen the immersion level of the game!
◇ Sakura (CV: Maaya Uchida)
◇ lily (CV: Yuuki kana)
◇ bellflower (CV: Mikako Komatsu)
◇ holly (CV: Takahashi Minami)
Many other!

▼ app price
Apps body: basic free-to-play (free-to-play type)

▼ Recommended terminal
Android 4.2 or later, RAM 2GB or more installed, storage space 1.5GB or more of the smartphone and tablet terminal
※ regard some models it might also have meet the recommended specs do not work properly. Please note.


Weaken the enemy


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