Sky Space Racing Force 3D info

Sky Space Racing Force 3D GAME

This game fulfil your dream to become a pilot fly your own ship in the air. In this game you will drive space ship in the space and you can drive it faster and faster as you can. Think you are a force in sky and you have to compete with the enemies win the battle by reaching at the destination. In this game you will face the two mode one is time trial and the second is competition mode in which you will compete with the rival and in the time trial mode a limited time is given on every level and you have to reach on the destination on the given time for best reward.

The first space ship will be unlocked and rest of the ships are locked you can unlock them from the winning reward or you can simply buy them from In- App purchase in just 2.99 $.

Sky Space Racing Force 3D Features and Game Play:

– Excellent Graphics

– Realistic controls of the ship

– For left and Right you can use buttons, Tilt

– Accelerate the ship by pressing the speed button

– Slow down to press brake button

– For Boost pick the nitro

Enjoyable Sky Space Racing Force 3D will be updated constantly. Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the game.

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