SmithStory v1.0.104 (Mod Apk Money)


SmithStory v1.0.104 (Mod Apk Money)
Grandpa only left a bad shop to you, self-reliance it, the way to make money through Daguai, buying and selling weapons, open the box or hang up, etc., the cumulative amount of money there are opportunities to enter the capital ranking.


※ Click with forging system
Game play click or drag the play, easy to play so that players do not need to stare at the screen can also operate, in addition to the need to collect a variety of materials and forging books to forge weapons, material can be monster body, market, game chest, etc. Place to get, when the player challenges to a higher level will open more game elements.

※ Offline can continue to Daguai
There are off-line fighting mechanism in the game, no need to open the game can also be on-line harvest results on a regular basis, there are more maps and monsters allow players to choose hanging network location, the stronger the role of quality and equipment will be able to bring more revenue.

※ Turn on more characters with summon monster
The game to achieve specific conditions will be able to unlock the other roles, different roles have different special ability to collect a specific props (Monster card) can also “summon monster” to become the player’s combat power! To collect your eyes of the monster!

※ game evaluation and ranking
According to the evaluation of the game or the amount of capital for the “world rankings”, would like to squeeze into the name of the bar! For example, the number of layers, such as the number of layers,

※ Infinite transfer and refining system
Not the strongest only “stronger” to achieve specific conditions after the weapons can be refined and reincarnation, to break the horizon of the damage and no one to reach the number of layers!


1. One hit kill

Install Steps:
1) download mod apk
2) Install and enjoy


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SmithStory v1.0.104 (Mod Apk Money) – ZIPPYSHARE

SmithStory v1.0.104 (Mod Apk Money) – Racaty LINK

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