Sonoko Defense v17 Mod Apk

Sonoko Defense

Sonoko Defense v17 Mod Apk game events ★ HOT pub only for youngungnim Goku is offering ★
1. When the 2nd cumulative attendance money hero “Baek Jeongjeong” gift!
2. presents “purple weapon” during the 7th cumulative attendance!
3. If you achieve level 32 purple Near Heroes “bimodal” gift!
4. The amount of the first charge you twice the charge ORIGINALS, purple hero “Small Post”, silver, peach and promoted only reward, regardless!

■ added to the Defense RPG!
Take Defense game boring cleared dungeon only!
Please leave a new style of adventure with the Defense Goku and friends!

■ own strategies and shortcuts of the brain play only defense!
Deployment strategy using the characteristics and topography of Goku and friends!
Try to match the timing of Goku wielded the yeouibong! La yeouibong large!

■ new fun PVP system
Deathmatch enjoy the maximum 8 8 PVP!
The heroes chose to win strategically placed specialized Heroes PVP!

■ takers, La completion and stronger!
Yaktaljeon could not see In Defense game!
Looting and treasure to win in PVP with other users!

■ CHORUS play in the guild with friends!
Guild dungeons, guild dice, guild contribution, etc.
Enjoy a fun filled with guild friends!

■ Is that the end is where? Contents unknown end
Infinity Tower, tongcheon dungeons, boss battles, dungeons, such as days of the week
Endless fun-filled one!

■ also share stories about friends come to visit the official game cafes full of the latest information!
Goku Defense official cafe

Goku Defense shall require the following rights, in addition does not require any unnecessary permissions.
[Restrictions instructions;
– storing the data of the Defense Goku in the external storage space or used to read come.
– use when reading the log files of Goku Defense.
– Collect a unique identification number for identifying the user.

▶ One way to withdraw access
– OS 6.0 or later: Settings> Application Manager> Select your app> Rights> can have access revoked
– less than 6.0, the operating system: access, so it withdraws the impossible, possible to withdraw a delete apps


■ Product Information and Terms & Conditions Information
* Pay-per-item fees will be charged at time of purchase.
* Monthly products that reflect the goods and immediately after the purchase is non-refundable.
* When goods are unpaid after payment, please contact us.
* Payment Cancellation ‘game Pub us “only be processed, the permanent sanctions disclose payment canceled for non-recoverable items apply.
* Game Pub us: 1666-7198 Available for consultation / weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00 hours

* Address: Seoul, Yongsan-gu, 152-1 Wonhyoro
* Business Number: 279-81-00148
• Communication vendors No.: 2015- Yongsan -00649 No.


Enemies Don’t Attack
Enemies Have Low HP

Easy Win (With 3 stars)


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