Star Dragon Quest v1.20.0 Mod Apk

Star Dragon Quest

Star Dragon Quest v1.20.0 Mod Apk total 14 million download breakthrough!

“Dragon Quest” series to the new app appeared!
To save the crisis approaching the star, trying to leave for an adventure!

◇◇ game content ◇◇

■ infinite character Mei King!
Select the features of gender and face in the character Mei King, trying to create the original character of your own!
As you complete the adventure, job change system is released, it will be able to change jobs in the favorite occupation!
To strengthen weapons and armor, skills, you psyched to powerful monsters grow the characters!

■ vast star-shaped map that can be scaled and rotation!
World map, has become optimized star in your smartphone!
Turn the round and round and stars in a swipe, zoom, and zoom out freely!
When you touch the place that flashed sparkling, various items can be found!

■ simple and profound skill gauge Battle!
Dragon Quest of the turn-based battle is modified to smartphones!
“Skill” of the MP eliminates the need for (spell-feats) to the monster, will decide the Bashibashi feeding combo!
There is a skill gauge is also the boss monsters, strategic battle can enjoy because behavior can be predicted!

■ up to four people Multiplayer!
In a “multi adventure” mode, can adventure together in the country of adventurers and up to 4 people!
During the adventure, convenient “stamp function” to easily communicate with friends at a distance can be taken!
It was drawn by Mr. famous illustrator “Kanahei”, trying to communicate with a stamp!

■ successive series events held!
Challenge to the devil who appeared in “Dragon Quest” series, one after another held a “successive series” event!
Also at the other you do not win challenged alone, surely win if the fellow!
Trying to get the precious limited equipment and stamp unobtainable only here!

◇◇ story ◇◇

Blue shining star. Bururia star.
Once, there was a man purchase of searching all of this star.

Its name, Gaiasu.

Gaiasu is
Its power, wisdom, courage, and have ties with fellow
Save the crisis approaching the Bururia stars
With respect not only from the people
He was awarded the title of “King of Adventure”.

But adventure King,
After Shitatame the knowledge obtained in the adventure in the “Adventure King of the book.”
One day, suddenly, disappear.
No longer know the whereabouts of the “Adventure King of the book”.

Then after a few decades.

And flying squirrels group of “Mogamaru”, partner of slime “Surappi” is,
Help three young men were washed ashore on the beach of a small island.

“What I use to this island?”
Mogamaru heard.
But young people of the answer is not clear.

Young people, all three people three people, we had lost the memory.

The only clue is,
Only it was in the three hand “Adventure King of the book” ….

It led to the fate, when the “Adventure King of the book” is opened
Great adventure over the star begins!

◇◇ music ◇◇

The music of “Dragon Quest” series, the music selection to suit each scene!
Masterpieces our nostalgia will boost the “star of Dragon Quest”!

◇◇ staff ◇◇

■ General Director: Yuji Horii
■ Character Design: Akira Toriyama
■ Music: Sugiyama Koichi

© 2015-2017 ARMOR PROJECT / BIRD STUDIO / SQUARE ENIX All Rights Reserved.
[Supported OS]
Android OS 4.0 or higher

[Recommended terminal]
Recommended terminal, please check the official site.
In the future, for the terminal, which was able to confirm the operation, we will continue to add from time to time as a recommended terminal.


1. Weaken the enemy


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  1. Where did you get this mod? im trying to find the source so i can ask for an update but i can’t find one 🙁

    Can you please post the 1.17.0 update when is available? thank you

  2. Hello!
    Although it is a question, when downloading this application and trying to install it with android, “Installation seems to be broken” appears and the installation is not completed. Could I ask the reason? Please help me.


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