Sticky Orbit v3 (Mod Apk Money)

Sticky Orbit

 Sticky Orbit v3 (Mod Apk Money)  You are a planet jumper! Jump from rotating planet to planet and stick to them. Simply tap the screen when it’s right time to jump. Watch out! If you tap too early or too late you can’t reach the next platform and will fall down! How long can you survive?

Sticky Orbit is a simple looking but a very hard side scrolling runner adventure game. And you can play it offline too. Just try to get into the next stickie platforms orbit. Small planets have a smaller orbit so it’s more difficult to stick to them. Also different sized platforms rotate in different speeds. Try not to fall down through the gaps between them!

Jump inside the red hoops to buy a different hero. You can buy 8+ different,cute and unique heroes. You can buy these cute heroes with the hoops you collect.

-Unlock 8+ cute and unique characters
-Side scrolling endless runner adventure
-Spinning platforms with different speeds
-Prepare for a good challange,this is very hard to master
-Enjoy a simple, innovative, pure gameplay
-Play easily and quickly
-Flat designed colorful HD backgrounds
-Beautiful and different scenes
-Realistic atmospheric sounds
-Download and play for free!

*No Wifi? No Problem!
Offline Play

Sticky Orbit
Sticky Orbit
Sticky Orbit
Sticky Orbit
Sticky Orbit
Sticky Orbit


 Sticky Orbit v3 (Mod Apk Money)

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