Supremacy v1.0.5 Mod Apk

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Supremacy v1.0.5 Mod Apk Extreme RPG strategy game!

Eastern Han Dynasty, one-third of the world, troubles of years, everything from scratch.
Zhang Jiao, leader of the Yellow Turban Army with ambitious, wanted to build an dynasty with his religions concepts.
So he summoned the Prince of the Devils with dark magic.
Many of the heroic soldiers were contaminated by dark magic. They lost their mind and acted wildly against law and public opinion.
The righteous men assemble as a team aimed at saving the lost men and return peace to the wonderful land…

You can collect gernerals in your HQ and choose them from all countries including Wei Shu Wu and Qunxiong.

More than 100 Heroes is waiting for your call
You can choose multiple costumes to change your job class. And you can change your favourite class in order match your team attributes as a Guardian or Marksman or anyone else.

Master up your weapons and grow up with your gernerals. Every single gerneral has unique predestination attributes with his/her weapon.

Set your team’s formation and enjoy REAL strategy fight.

You can invite your friends to compete with people from whole world or fight with other guilds so raid more treasure.


Mod v2:
One Hit Kill
God Mode

Install Steps:
1. Download Modded apk
2. Install and enjoy


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Supremacy v1.0.5 Mod Apk – RACATY LINK

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