The Battle Cats JP v11.9.0 (Mod Apk)

The Battle Cats JP

The Battle Cats JP v11.9.0 (Mod Apk) The Nyanko Great War has reached a cumulative total of 72 million DL worldwide Nyanko Great War (The Battle Cats JP) !
Very popular all over the world! Easy play for anyone !!
Nyanko Battle Game !!
“Kimo Kawa Nyanko” is Japan, the future,
Invading the end of the universe!
A chance for those who used to play to start anew !!

◆ The rules are simple! Simple battle! ◆
Tap your favorite cat to sortie !!
A big reversal with the one-shot deadly “Nyanko Cannon” !!
Victory if you attack the enemy’s castle!
Some stages cannot be cleared
If you google, you can usually find a strategy !!

◆ Enjoy at your own pace ◆
This game is only for you and Nyanko !!
I don’t have any friends who don’t know the bones of any horse !!
Let’s proceed with the invasion at your own pace !!

◆ Feeling, cute and beautiful ◆
Cats beyond your imagination are here !!
Let’s see the unexpectedly evolving cats !!
You can peep into the world of cats
Check out the Nyanko Encyclopedia !!

◆ Convenient functions are added one after another! ◆
Save the organization of the stage once cleared
Leadership recovery item “Leadership”
Zombie invasion notification function
Guerrilla stage notification function
Welcome to those who used to play !!!
Industry’s first !? You can start from the state of clearing Chapter 3 of the Japanese edition
“Restart Pack” is introduced at the beginning of the game!

* You can enjoy “Nyanko Great War” for free until the end, but you can also use some paid contents.
Presented by PONOSにゃんこ大戦争

MOD Features:
Mod Menu
>Unlimited Cat Spam


The Battle Cats JP v11.9.0 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

The Battle Cats JP v11.9.0 (Mod Apk) – MEGA NZ

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