The High Life: Weed Dealer v0.15 MOD Apk (Unlimited Cash)

The High Life: Weed Dealer

 The High Life: Weed Dealer v0.15 MOD Apk  (Unlimited Cash)  Play the best open world game with a twist where you’ll get to live the life of a low level weed dealer trying to make it big in the criminal underground. You’ll be eating dumpster tacos, driving bong-mobiles, fighting pandas, impersonating gang members and hanging out with overly stereotypical stoners all day long. Good luck!

Open World Gameplay
Buy or farm weed and sell it on the streets, steal cars and lead the cops wild pursuits, get high and blow stuff up or just smoke a joint and watch the world go by. The choice is yours!
Chapter1 Storyline & Missions
Play through hours of trippy action-packed missions as you try to get your memory back and become the #1 weed dealer in the city!
Daily Side Jobs, Challenges & Achievements
Done with missions or need some extra cash? Get a side job selling weed, making pickups or even taking out rival gang members and start stacking that paper!
Guns, Cars & Highs
Stuck on a certain mission? Visit the Black Market and choose from a huge variety of weapons, vehicles and weed that’ll shift the odds in your favor!
Character Upgrades
Upgrade your character’s skills and become the baddest weed dealer on the block or get some custom outfits and roll with the toughest gangs in town.
Hired Thugs & Crew
Are the crime-filled streets too much to handle? Hire your own crew and have them watch your back or even do your dirty work for you!
Stunning Visuals & Special FX*
No weed game would be complete without some trippy visuals and stoned effects and The High Life is no exception. Get high and experience them yourself!


Chapter 1: WEED DEALER
You wake up in a strange city smelling like marijuana, covered in puke and you have no idea what happened or who you are. With no money and no place to go, you get sucked into the underground world of drug trade being run by rival gangs. Driven by the desire to find out who you are and how you got here, you follow leads and climb the criminal ladder, however you slowly start realizing that nothing is as it seems…

Chapter 2: GANG WARFARE (Coming Soon!)
We’re currently developing the Chapter 2 story line & missions which will be available in the not-so-distant future. If you have any awesome ideas or suggestions for future missions, let us know in the comments and we might make them a reality.

*Because of the open world sandbox format of the game, we recommend playing The High Life only on the latest Android devices. If you insist on playing it on anything older than 2014 then please set your Quality Setting to “Low” as there’s a 99% chance that the game will lag or crash.

The High Life: Weed Dealer
The High Life: Weed Dealer
The High Life: Weed Dealer
The High Life: Weed Dealer
The High Life: Weed Dealer
The High Life: Weed Dealer


 The High Life: Weed Dealer v0.15 MOD Apk  (Unlimited Cash)

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