The Killbox: Battlefield v1.0.7 (Mod Apk)

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The Killbox: Battlefield

The Killbox: Battlefield v1.0.7 (Mod Apk) Get ready for the gameplay you’ve never seen before! Also, try the VR version of this game!

Destroy rivals in the PvP game. Be prepared to fight enemies like in a coop. and in single player modes! The Killbox: Battlefield presents a new version with lots of add-ons for quick and furious action. With new maps, great weapons and a new elite competition system, The Killbox: Battlefield will drag you into the game!

1. A tough, uncompromising shooter.
Incredible optimization for using VR!
Intense 6v6 battles in real time!
Great motion system for the full feel of a console (not mobile) shooter!
A wide selection of real existing weapons!
2.Excellent multiplayer!
Together with friends, fight against enemies in the Team Game.
Experience the horror of the battle with the former allies when they turn the living dead!
Rush over the heads of opponents in Space mode!
3. Realistic and fantastic scenarios!
Experience it – The Killbox: Battlefield on detailed detailed maps!
Feel the horror of battle by watching our lively, realistic animations!
4. Sports competitions!
Honest matches without weapon upgrades, only skill!
Open battles for everyone, every day!

1. Optimized game interface. Improved graphics.
2. Optimized loading and operation.
3. Bugs fixed.
*** For optimal play, players must have 2GB + RAM and 4G or WiFi ***
Do you think your squad is able to survive in KillBox? Download the game and test your strength!

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The Killbox: Поле Боя
The Killbox: Поле Боя
The Killbox: Поле Боя
The Killbox: Поле Боя
The Killbox: Поле Боя

– Fire speed
– Higher Range
– Semi-AimBot
– Damage multiplier
– Auto fire unlock


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The Killbox: Battlefield v1.0.7 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

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