Tofu Girl v1.1.26 (Mod Apk)

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Tofu Girl

Tofu Girl v1.1.26 (Mod Apk) Get high on…Tofu?

It’s time to stack up your own tofu tower, get ready to jump over obstacles that appear from both sides. Land the girl in the middle of each tofu for more acrobatic jumps.

[Game Features]
◆ Cuteness at your fingertip
Tap to start. Help the chirpy girl to climb the tower of deliciously bouncy tofu trampolines.
◆ Addictive gameplay
Relax in the cheerful music and immerse yourself in the endless loop of tofu jumping! Try perfecting each jump to unleash the acrobatic genius hidden inside your Tofu Girl!
◆ Unlock more than 60 skins!
Fancy new clothes for your girl or tofu? Collect as much gold as you can by making perfect jumps and completing your collection!

【Game play】
1. Tap to jump, land in the middle of Tofu for perfect jumps.
2. Perfect jump gives higher score and gold reward.
3. Use your gold to unlock more skins.
Tofu Girl
Tofu Girl
Tofu Girl
Tofu Girl
Tofu Girl
Tofu Girl

Endless money (to get it, click on the button at the bottom right of the screen in the main menu);
Disable ads purchased.

You can buy skins for 0 yuan

purchase of skins


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