Tofu Monster Attack v24.0.25 Mod Apk

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Tofu Monster Attack

Tofu Monster Attack v24.0.25 Mod Apk Tofu monster came to attack our city! The monsters mob are thirsty and hunger for the food!
Don’t let tofu monsters invade the city and drain human food supply!
Fight and beat the tofu monsters with your mutant troops plant!
Be aware, set some good strategy! Each mutant plant has special & different skill and ability. There are missile plant shooters, ice plant shooters, the iron bamboo with it’s strong body, and much more!

Each of the existing level will have its own difficulty level! Really exciting and fun to play for hours!
The tofu monster will also growing stronger at every level, so you have to improve the plant ability immediately! Grab and collect coins and special power up! All that items will be very useful to improve your plant ability!

Conquere all levels: through day till night, and be careful when fog coming! Those monsters will be hard to see! Use the ability of fireflies to light up the park!
You should grow the plant quickly and precisely, the time is very limited! One mistake will give you a nightmare! Use pumpkin to explode monster in a small area when you get chaos situation!
The tofu monster really smart, they can run, jump, and fly! Even eat plant to invade our city!
HURRY UP! PLANT THE MISSILE CARROT! Upgrade it using mix of clarity potion, then activate the special power with sacred holy leaf!
Get special power such as: sacred holy leaf, clarity potion, thunder, god hammer, and various amazing items!

Play all levels and save the humanity from mad tofu monster attack!
Play classic mode, minigames, and other modes that we will added soon!

Music thanks to:
“Promenade & Moonlight Monster Hall” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Tofu Monster Attack
Tofu Monster Attack
Tofu Monster Attack
Tofu Monster Attack
Tofu Monster Attack
Tofu Monster Attack

1. Infinite Coins (Add/Spend Some)​


 Tofu Monster Attack v24.0.25 Mod Apk – DAİLYUPLOAD

 Tofu Monster Attack v24.0.25 Mod Apk – UPLOADSTO

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