Unreal Chemist – Chemistry Lab v1000.212 (Mod Apk Premium)

Unreal Chemist - Chemistry Lab

Unreal Chemist – Chemistry Lab v1000.212 (Mod Apk Premium)

nreal Chemist introduces you to the visual world of science experiments digitally. With Unreal Chemist, you can simulate chemistry lab experiments on your digital application with realistic visuals and accurate details of chemicals and chemistry reactions just as in practical real world science experiments.

Unreal Chemist opens the doors of learning, understanding and visualizing chemistry and science experiments through a very innovative and user friendly application.

Visualizing science experiments have always been difficult for students of chemistry and with Unreal Chemist we have a practical solution to this problem. With realistic visuals and great detailing, users of Unreal Chemist get to witness various chemistry lab experiments that would not have been possible outside an actual science lab. Unreal Chemist provides a practical and fun filled learning science of chemical reactions for all lovers of chemistry and science.

With Unreal Chemist you can mix chemicals to see how they react in an experiment or chemical reaction, customize and experiment with quantity and rate at which the chemicals react, burn salts to colorful flames, heat elements to see what color it emits and experiment with whole wide range of chemical lab experiments. All this and much more interesting, practical and exciting chemistry reactions to experiment at your finger tips as per your convenience any where, any time.

There are about 170 plus chemicals available to experiment with and more than 800 unique chemical lab experiments simulations.

Go ahead and unlock your inner scientist through our practical and innovative digital application curated for lovers of science and science fanatics.

Key Highlights

– Adjusting the concentration and quantity of the reactants in chemical reactions.

– Regulate the temperature of chemical reactions.

– Modify temperatures in precipitation chemistry reactions and see the effect of temperatures on solubility.

– Slow down / Fast forward time of the chemistry reactions.

– Check the PH and PH change in chemical reactions using Indicators.

– Ignite flammable gases formed during chemical reactions.

– Play with dangerous chemicals like piranha solution.

– Flame tests of most of the salts.

Some reactions you will be doing in Unreal Chemist are extremely dangerous and may cause serious injury if conducted in real word.
Even though most of the reactions are accurate to the real world, some reactions may be theoretical since physical verification of some reactions are not completed as of now.

Unreal Chemist - Chemistry Lab
Unreal Chemist - Chemistry Lab
Unreal Chemist - Chemistry Lab
Unreal Chemist - Chemistry Lab
Unreal Chemist - Chemistry Lab


Unreal Chemist – Chemistry Lab v1000.212 (Mod Apk Premium) – MEGA NZ

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