US Jail Escape Fighting Game v3.1 (Mod Apk)

US Jail Escape Fighting Game

US Jail Escape Fighting Game v3.1 (Mod Apk) The epic story of a martial art champion who is imprisoned in the world’s most notorious jail as he is fighting for his freedom.

Escape from the jail prison life by fighting against the martial arts master rivals to win the break. Liam was wrongly convicted and gets imprisoned after an accident, now he escaped from lockup for his freedom, if he beat the inmates. After seven years in prison life, a former muay Thai champion had no choice to escape from jail that will allow him freedom. Liam must survive in a jail where hardened criminals fighting for life. In lockup; prisoners are forced to win brawls against each other with injustice, for sure death is part of this jail game, another side it’s impossible to break the death cell for a safe escape, there is only one way out to fight hard with martial art champions in this prison jailbreak. Box hard against lockup fighting rivals to clear your way and win freedom from jail security walls.

These mixed martial arts adventure games will teach you a variety of karate, Muay Thai, wrestling, judo, boxing, and other martial art forms that will experience you a wide range of skills and escape master training. Amazing variants of quick moves are very realistic in a different fighting situation.

Game Play Modes:

Play different modes like quick play mode, prison escape fighting game enables you to try different modes and all modes are designed in different environments like Indoor Lockup brawls, Outdoor Lockup fights, and Sewer Lockup Wrestling. After each level, you have to face a new opponent in the next mode opponents will be more fit, athletic, faster, and stronger than the previous. So be prepared for real martial arts fights and a real test of your jail escape fighting skills.

Quick Play Mode:

In quick play mode, you will face real kung fu fighters in this beat em up martial art and punch boxing game. Prepare yourself and knockout multiple prisoner rivals in this quick fighting challenge mode. Enjoy the real fighting battles to defeat all kung fu rivals.

Free Mode:

Play unlimited martial art challenges in “Free Fighting Mode”. To unlock the free mode, you have to win 1st five matches in quick play mode.

How to Play Prison Escape Games:

Unleash your mixed martial art skill in this Jail Escape game. Unlock new fighters featuring mortal combat martial art, kung fu, and karate skills. Use amazing combos and combat attacks on karate jail prisoners. Quickly & unpredictable attacks will win the match and unlock the next level. Use combo attacks to eliminate all US prison warriors in this latest prisoner jail escape Master.

US Jail Escape Fighting Game Features:

• Play with heroic kung fu king shadow fighter
• Win Prisoner kung fu warrior & karate king challenge with big rewards
• Use super combos’ power to knockdown opponent energy rapidly
• Defeat kung fu fighters & get rewarded points to unlock the next level
• Combat against dangerous prison fighters to escape from jail lockup
• Get promoted by defeating jail fighting legends
• Intuitive and smooth touching screen controls
• Beautiful 3d environment to increase your fighting passion
• Background music & sound effects will upgrade your energy in shadow karate
US Jail Escape Fighting Game
US Jail Escape Fighting Game
US Jail Escape Fighting Game
US Jail Escape Fighting Game
US Jail Escape Fighting Game
US Jail Escape Fighting Game



US Jail Escape Fighting Game v3.1 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

US Jail Escape Fighting Game v3.1 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK


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