Vestria Story Kr v1.17.1 (Mod Apk)

Vestria Story Kr

Vestria Story Kr v1.17.1 (Mod Apk)
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Jin, who fell into a fantasy world with the flow of mana entangled, when he opened his eyes, monsters attacked before he even realized that it was a different world from the world he lived in.
Adventure the Bestry Continent with Tori and Leia, new friends in the fantasy world, and explore various places in the fantasy world to find friends to join you!

1. Excellent graphics
– Realization of characters made with art painting texture technique
– Real-time lighting use, three-dimensional effect amplification
– Amplification of realism by introducing dynamic bone technology

2. Excellent content
– Exchange system where items and heroes can be traded
– Build a force, not just a guild

3. Attractive visuals and art painting textures
– Characters implemented with proprietary “”art painting texture shading”” technique
– Unrivaled differentiation that could not be felt in existing PC and mobile games
– Graphic style differentiated from existing games

4. Character Competitiveness
– Provide different strategies for each content
– Various characters can be used
– Various battlefields, various strategies accordingly
– Utilize various characters according to strategy

5. Diverse and rich content
– Rich challenge content: Time gap, Altar of Advent, Raid (Normal, Guild, World), Subjugation, etc.
-Various battle contents: Battlegrounds, Strife, Competitive Wars, Guild Wars, Guild Conquest Wars

6. Emotional and fairy tale stories
– Increased story immersion through video cutscenes
– Scenario delivery through character dialogue and plays

7. A story with your own hero
– Stories of heroes starting a new journey after the confrontation between light and darkness

8. Real-time battles and spectacular directing
– Real-time combat using various skills
– Spectacular ultimate skill production that maximizes only the advantages of turn-based RPGs and real-time action RPGs

9. Perfect art skills
– Developing the expressive power of concept art
– Combination of character and background art
– Gorgeous animations and effects
– High-quality video production

10. Trend content composition
– Exciting battle system using attributes
– Detailed open world implementation
– Multiplatform support and co-op play possible
– Simultaneous implementation of single-player and co-op play
– Avoid PvP line-up content, relieve game stress

11. Various character collection elements
– Natural character joining according to the flow of the story
– Collection through the affinity system
– Collection through various contents and events

12. Attractive growth content
– Raise your own hero through growth, evolution, strengthening, transcendence, and awakening

13. Deleting birth grade boldly
– All characters can be nurtured up to the maximum level
– The hurdles of choice are low, the depth of the game is high

14. Deep understanding of character story through exclusive dungeon
– Can increase character’s affection and lead to potential
– Cultivate your favorite character using customized content for each character

[Required Access Rights Guide]

[Use of photos, media, and files]
This permission is used when updating the game.
No other files are modified or edited.

[How to withdraw access rights]

Android 6.0 or later: Settings > Apps > Select permission items > Permission list > Select consent or withdraw access
Under Android 6.0: Upgrade the operating system to revoke access or delete the app

※ The app may not provide an individual consent function, and you can revoke access in the above way.
※ If you are using a version of Android less than 6.0, it is recommended to upgrade to 6.0 or higher because you cannot individually set optional access rights.

Revocation of essential access rights may result in resource disruption or inability to access the game.

Service center

Developer Contact:
Address: 25, Nonhyeon-ro 80-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Mail-order business number: No. 2014-Seoul Gangnam-01064″
Developer Contact:
Mail-order sales number: No. 2014-Seoul Gangnam-01064베스트리아전기

Mod Menu
>Damage Multiplier
>Absolute Evade % (choose evade chances by %)

Warning: Connection Error might happen if big values for both options are chosen.


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  1. NHN appguard alert
    this application will shut down according to the security policy.
    code : 404_29_0

    When you run the app, you can see the warning message above.

  2. Thanks for coming back.

    But, the problem below remains.
    In raids, it looks like X10, but it actually does X1 damage.

    And… Can you add God mode?
    I hope.

  3. 1. The problem is with the app permissions. Is it just me?

    2. Facebook account error.
    Change to Google account.
    Is there a way to log in with my Google account?


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