VGAME v1.0.3 (Mod Apk)


VGAME v1.0.3 (Mod Apk) Yes! I’m Kizuna Ai!
Really my game has been released!
I am full of VGAME world.
Please enjoy “Kizunaai Erosion Collaboration”
Welcome to the eroded world

In order to get information about your missing best friend,
I sneak into a club with an invitation addressed to a person called “Virato”.

There, we know the existence of the “threshold world”, “the strange body” trying to invade the real world, and the “white wing” that fights the strange body. .

You join the white wings in pursuit of your best friend’s whereabouts, and you will fight the strange.
You will meet various people in it and discover the truth hidden in this world.

When you know the truth, you choose …

◆ Future action RPG ◆
Characters with various battle styles appear!
A future action RPG never before has finally been released! !

◆ Easy refreshing action ◆
Easy combo that can be connected by repeated hits!
Determine the enemy’s attack timing and beat a powerful counter!
Even if it becomes a pinch, it is a secret reversal! !

◆ High graphic ◆
Explore beautiful future cities freely!
Enjoy the battle with the best battle graphics in the action game!

◆ “VGAME” is recommended for those who like this! ◆
・ Those who like action games
・ Person who likes RPG
・ Those who are looking for a simple action game
・ People who like the world of the near future
・ Those who want to enjoy a solid story
・ Person who likes upbringing game to strengthen character
・ Person who wants to wear his favorite avatar on his favorite character

◆ Luxury voice actor ◆
Saki Shimada / Konomi Yuzaki / Yuki Yoshinari
Shinji Hirakawa / Koji Akahori / Taketo Koyasu
Ayane Sakura / Yui Ishikawa / Kikuko Inoue
Kazuyuki Okitsu / Ryuichi Yaso / Sumire Moroboshi
Kana Hanazawa / Kentaro Asamizu / Naoko Yuzuki

◆ Terminal recommendation ◆
Android version: 7.1 or more (RAM 3GB or more)

◆ App Price ◆
Free basic play
* Some paid items are available.
Please be sure to check the terms of use before using.

◆ Latest information ◆
Check “VGAME” information faster than anyone!
Deliver the latest information on “VGAME” on the official website and Twitter!

【Official site】

[Official Twitter]


Mod Menu
>Dumb Enemy
>Unlimited Skill Usage


VGAME v1.0.3 (Mod Apk) – UPLOADED

VGAME v1.0.3 (Mod Apk) – ZIPPYSHARE


VGAME v1.0.3 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

VGAME v1.0.3 (Mod Apk) – ZIPPYSHARE

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