Wicked wolf game Another v1.05 (Mod Apk)

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Wicked wolf game Another

Wicked wolf game Another v1.05 (Mod Apk) ■■Different from the original wolf game ■■■
1 Different plot
Those who get the wolf card, the victims and the assault methods are updated!
2 Different characters
Three newcomers are added this time!
3 New elements
There are various themed activities for the character dressing up!

“Draw a card. 』

“This is an *important card that can *control your lives. 』
When you wake up, you find yourself and 14 strange men and women in a strange place.
Someone tells you that the wolf game will be played next.
Draw cards and divide them into the wolf and sheep camp.
The person who gets the wolf card must take the life of a sheep.
Those who draw the sheep card need to find the real wolf in the “Wolf Trial” and vote for punishment.
In order to escape this place, the game of betting on life begins here.
■■【Game Summary】■■
1 Explore
Many new puzzles and mechanisms have been set up in the game, and everyone needs to solve puzzles based on the information at hand.
2 Wolf Trial
After the exploration is complete, start the wolf trial. Please follow the evidence in hand to find out who is the real wolf!
3 escape
According to the plot, let’s gradually reason about the truth of “Wolf Game”!
Can you turn the danger into a breeze?
■■【Other Elements】■■
· Regularly hold themed activities to obtain luxurious rewards!
· “Dress up” for your favorite character!
·Get the bonus fanbook! You can get half price after clearing the normal ending!
·Achieve various achievements!
■■【About the Live】■■
Thank you for loving our game.
The live rules of “Wolf Game Another” are as follows:
[Can be broadcast]
■ All main storylines, including the true ending
■ The appearance of the character changing
■ Part of the event plot (each event has a detailed description of where it can be broadcast)
[Broadcast prohibited]
■ Everything except the above
For other rules, please refer to the link below, thank you for your cooperation.

■■【materials provided】■■
Effect sound
Komori Ping
Effect Dictionary
Effect sound g
Effect sound fur material:
MFP【Marron Fields Production】
Tomohori Arai
Haruichi 様
Manuya Takashi
Keido Honda恶狼游戏 〜Another〜
恶狼游戏 〜Another〜
恶狼游戏 〜Another〜
恶狼游戏 〜Another〜

MOD APK features:
Enter the level without losing heart


Wicked wolf game Another v1.05 (Mod Apk) – UPLOADSHIP

Wicked wolf game Another v1.05 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

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